The MHL Gallery

Welcome to my gallery of creations.  A short description accompany the photograph of each work.

The Audrey Collar:  a happy multi-colored bead woven collar.  Wood, turquoise, and capiz beads make up the piece.

The Audrey Collar, front and back

The Purple Cascade: hand-sewn rich purple rosettes made from a recycled velvet button down shirt.  The collar is embellished with copper chain and tiny purple beads, and the rosette piece is detachable.

The Purple Cascade: a la neck tie, over the shoulder, and gracing the spine

The Purple Wrist Lei: wood and semi-precious beads hand-sewn on rich purple velvet rosettes.  Brass hardware and chain complete the piece.

The Purple Wrist Lei, rosettes and clasp

Aqua Blue Neck Cascade

Knitted Hat-Arm Warmers-Headband Set

My Berry Hat is a modified felt hat.  I trimmed the rim and added the band and the petals.

Berry Felt Hat

The Baby Pink Angora Hat was thrifted.  I added flowers that I made from a felted wool sweater.   I also made that Orchid Cuff from that same sweater.

Baby Pink Angora Hat embellished with a felted flower

Felted Baby Pink Orchid Cuff

The Leather Bag Tag and the Silver Studded Leather Cuff were both made from an old red leather belt I got at Union Thrift.

Red Leather Bag Tag


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