Getting it Right

It may be a trite but I’m going start the new year with resolutions. A new beginning! –> It’s a cliché but I really want one.

To help bolster my resolve as 2015 ushers in, I created my first vlog and uploaded it on my new YouTube channel to illustrate the sorry state I am in and how I’d like to rise above it. I had been planning to make one for some time now but got bogged down by how it should be produced. But, the other night, I couldn’t sleep and I just got the urge to leave my sleeping husband in bed, sneak into my wardrobe room and record myself and a couple of dresses on King Pig, my phone/camera. So it’s not the best quality in terms of video and audio, but it’s pretty authentic and true. I know it’s sincere when I’m embarrassed at the sight and sound of me.

So, 2015 is still a few days yet, but I’m clearing the path so I can forge ahead with my journey to a better health, body, and spirit.