A Rainbow Rack of Vintage


Because of my new hair:

I find myself craving more color, ones I never would have desired on or near my person.


I was in college when I began to notice my color phases. 

I had a brown phase: a bird not wanting to be noticed.

Then I had a white phase: was taking yoga and wanted no time or energy wasted on choosing clothes.

And then I had a profoundly long black phase. In college, black was the recitalist’s color; the music is the forefront, not your clothing. Black is understated, yet classy; classic and easy. But it is also a color for disappearing into the shadows, for deflecting negative energy (I was told). So for more than a decade, black was my go-to color.


And now, I still like an all black outfit. With my teal hair as my pop of color, I can keep on wearing black. But now I . WANT . COLOR .

Hot pink. Fuschia. Orange. Vivid purple. Red. 

And, as you can see from this rack of vintage clothing waiting to be altered-to-fit, LOUD patterns.

The brown bird of yore now wants to be noticed; the butterfly out of the cocoon. 

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