Day 4: Forging Ahead

Have you ever been so gung-ho about a project that you just know you’ll NEVER NOT want to continue, but then you find, after a while, that you are running out of steam and might end it after all? All of my ideas seem to go to that route. And it’s not that I’m bored with the project, or that it’s too difficult. It’s that doubts enter my mind. I start questioning the worth of what I’m doing. And after that, I decide it’s all ridiculous and just a waste of time and space. But the wastage isn’t on me, it’s on the people I inflict my project upon. Like this vlog series, for example. I’m at that point where I’m starting to think that my life is too boring to film and why anyone would want to watch me jump up and down my Rebounder or watch me prepare my food. There are days when nothing of note happens to me. I just go about my day cleaning and editing. In the past, I would have quit already. Like this blog, for example. I closed shop and let the spiders have their run of the place.

But that’s the beauty of putting myself on YouTube. I can’t back out now. I’ve imposed upon myself a penalty — the shame of people watching me fail if I don’t go on. Maybe no one will notice if I don’t continue. Maybe they’re not even watching. But I’ll know I failed. I put myself out there then retreated. It’s hardly writing a novel in the nook of your room, alone, with just a lamp on. It’s more like going on stage in your costume, starting your monologue, then quitting after a few lines.

OK. Enough metaphors. The point is: I shall forge ahead with this. The end.

Here’s the latest installment of my 28-Day Life Overhaul. It’s Day 4, baby!



4 thoughts on “Day 4: Forging Ahead

  1. Lauren says:

    I’m really enjoying these! Glad you are forging ahead. It is inspiring me to continue on my own month long health challenge. Thanks!

    • Hey, Lauren! I hope nothing serious is causing you to do it, though. In my case, I’m borderline obese and pre-diabetic (ahhh, the perks of getting older.) But if it’s just a general health upkeep then hooray! I wish you all the best! Thanks so much for reading and watching! 😀

  2. Catherine says:

    You sure do dress nicely for cleaning! I wear sweats, and never wear makeup to clean! Yay you!

    • Haha! I’ve made it one of my challenges to dress nicely even at home. I often have students coming to my house (which I can’t show on the vlog for their privacy) and any moment we can up and decide to go out. Sometimes, when that happens and I’m in my sweats and look a mess, we end up not going because I feel too lazy to change. 🙂 Thanks for reading and for the comment, Catherine! 😀

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