28-Day Life Overhaul: Day 1 and 2

The first step to any journey is the most exciting and difficult. My first day of doing my 28-Day Life Overhaul was just that. I was looking forward to it, but I didn’t find it easy. I mentioned in the video that I craved coffee. Later in the day, I started yearning for sweets (ohhh, coconut cake!), salty (I’d have sprinkled salt on my tongue and would have been happy!), and starchy (Oh, yummy rice and bread!). But I stuck to my plan and I ate my salad. Because I had little sleep, I sunk into slumber at around dinner time, woke up at 11 pm and then made my low-salt veggie soup. I guess I was still a little groggy and overcooked the veggies a little but it’s still good enough to eat. I made a big batch that will last a week so I’m all set. Exercise-wise, I was able to start — or restart — my regimen that consists of my¬†Rebounder workout and my modified ballet routine. I did both quite terribly: wheezing badly after the first, then having improper form and speed on the second. But I did them and that’s what counts! On to day 3…

I filmed this before I made the introduction video so I’ve been using my phone’s video camera then and there was some quality loss when I converted the files. But I have to post them as that’s all part of my challenge. Video quality will get better around day 4, I promise.


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