My 28-Day Life Overhaul: a Vlog Series

Why 28, you may ask? Well, I remember reading somewhere that 28 days is the shortest length of time wherein someone can change their life patterns. I also saw that movie with Sandra Bullock aptly entitled, “28 Days”, where the same thing was mentioned. Whether or not this is proven, I’ll stick with it. It’s just 4 weeks — 2 or 3 days shy of a month, but I like the evenness of the number 7 being repeated 4 times. So, 28 days it is!

First, I started calling this my detox challenge because I wanted to do it mainly to lose weight and be healthier. But after explaining it to a friend, “detox” unfolded into more creases to fix: my crappy sleep cycle, my disorganized housework schedule, procrastination, low self-esteem, and more. So, it’s not just detoxing from unhealthy food, it’s really overhauling my life. I mentioned in my previous entry that I want to get things right and this is a result of that.

So I’ve decided to chronicle 28 days of my life the best that I can. I’ll share some of the things I do to better myself, but I’ll also include some everyday things we do. It’s a Vlog series so anything goes, I guess.

If you think this is easy for me, it’s not. I hate seeing myself on screen or even in photos. Although I did act on the stage and a bit on TV for a while, I like taking directions and interpreting a script. For this project, I will be directing myself and thinking of what to say. I’ll also have to learn some new things like how to edit footage, and how to light up the space so people can actually see me. I’m really excited about this and a little nervous as well. But the most important thing is that I’m doing it and not just wishing I was or thinking about it. Bronne supports me and, I think, my cats as well, so now is the time to do it! And here it is: my promo for my YouTube channel and my 28-Day Life Overhaul! I hope you like it! 😀



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