Countdown to 2015

MHL NYE thumbnail(A little too late for this post. I wrote it a couple of days ago and intended to post it with the video but I’m still new at filming and editing, and we had a show for which to prepare. Still, I hope you find this relevant. Thank you! And Happy 2015!)

I don’t know if you guys have New Year rituals, but I do. And I say “I” because I made them up. Made them my thing. Every year my family would do the usual NYE things like Noche Buena (where you eat at midnight — or stuff your face, more like), light up fireworks (we were more of a sparkler-kind-of-family), and shake our piggy banks to usher in prosperity. In addition to that, and I don’t know if they were just playing a prank on me and have rolled on the floor laughing in the privacy of their bedroom after I do this every NYE, they made me jump several times at the strike of midnight. Why? They said so I can get taller.

Despite my doubts about the traditional authenticity of that last bit, I still do it now and will do it this year even though I know my chance of gaining a vertical inch is as imaginary as pixie dust. I also continued with the shaking of the piggy bank but with my own twist: I’d go shake it all over the house, making sure I get to every corner — no exceptions. In my head. this will not only let me be prosperous for the whole year, but also drives out the stale energy in the house. We eat well at midnight (or this year, will start cooking at midnight because we’ll be coming from a gig), then toast to a new year. And then there’s the more challenging task beforehand, a countdown to the new year, to get the house in order and make everything neat and tidy. This was something I formed in my head, that whatever the state of my room (then) and house (now) is in will be a reflection of how it will be for the whole year. Sometimes I don’t actually make it before the new year strikes, but I’ve made the concession of continuing to get the house in order 3 days after NYE. The act of cleaning in the very new year is a good thing, I’ve decided in my rule book mind, and is very much allowed. Ever since I married Bronne, he’s had to let me have my way on NYE. We jump at midnight, make noises with our piggy bank and noisemakers and parade around the house to be rid of stagnant vibes. Then we eat and make a toast, the rare times we drink wine together. I am a lucky lady to have a husband that goes along with my made-up rituals.

So, 2 days before NYE, my house is a mess. Stuff everywhere. Clothes on the floor. Boxes. Laundry baskets filled to the brim. There is much work to do and not a lot of time. What a daunting task I’ve imposed upon myself! But it’s real to me, these rules. The ritual, though made up, has been made alive by my belief and trust in it. And, if there’s one thing I know to be true, the things we believe, and not imposed by others, are the ones that become real to us.

So here’s the video I made with Bronne and our band mascot, Joyful. It includes outtakes and bloopers. We learned a lot from doing it, argued, made a mess, cleaned, and had so much FUN! I hope you enjoy!




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