I confess that I’ve recently gone shoe-crazy.  I bought several pairs online within this month alone. So ashamed am I of my spending spree that I’ve yet to tell Bronne how many pairs I’ve bought exactly. Just now I took a pause to count them all.  I cringe.

But here I am, all covered in shame-induced goose pimples, blogging about my new shoes — several of which I’ve yet to receive.  Despite my shame I knew that, once USPS and FedEX came to drop my purchases off at my doorstep, I’d be too thrilled to feel remorse.  Only today I received a very big box containing my thigh-high boots. Bronne remarked how beautiful I looked as I beamed happily when he handed me my package. That made me feel a little guilty.

I can justify my recent footwear frenzy with two reasons: First, an important upcoming birthday. More than any occasion, I’ve always treated myself when I’ve a birthday coming up. Second, I wanted to reward myself for having lost weight recently — YAY!!! Still, treating and rewarding oneself is a far cry from my shoe-shopping extravaganza.

I used to distrust online shops. I believed that most of them aren’t legit or are just out to dupe you of more money when you’re about to check out.  But, about 2 months ago, I bought 2 pairs of Doc Martens at the outlet shop, I got them for way less than half the price because they were both “New with Defects“.  What defects, you may ask? Both pairs had the word “sample” written on their soles. Because I don’t walk around exposing the soles of my shoes to people, I was fine with it.  So happy was I with my new purchases that I allowed myself to venture to another online shop . . . then another . . .  then another . . .

Though I went shoe-crazy, I shopped only for great deals. There are lots of nice-looking low-priced shoes out there, but not all of them are made well and with choice materials.  I’m not into trends. I buy clothes and shoes that I feel good about and I know will last me years.  So I did my research on shoe labels and read reviews on fit and construction on shoes that I really liked.  Not all of them passed my standards.  When they do, I’d ask myself, “Am I willing to pay this much for this fantastic pair of  footwear fabulousness?” Often, the answer was no. But, guilty me, a few times the answer was OMIGOD–YES!!!

An example of a “OMIGOD–YES!!!!” moment would be when I saw this pair here:

The Messeca Coraline Pink Tie-Dye Wedge

I love shoes that are either quirky/fun or dark/deadly.  The Messeca Coraline in Pink Tie-Dye falls into the first category and I saw myself enjoying many Springs and Summers wearing them.  I know they were the IN shape  two years ago and now lower-priced copies abound online.  I don’t know how original Messeca‘s design is.  My only concern was how stable and easy-to-wear they were. I wouldn’t want to be strutting around in my quirky and fun wedges only to wobble clumsily to the floor. That would be no fun. But I chose to believe the reviews that said they were pretty comfy and stable, and I bought them.

Comparing different shops, the Messeca Coraline’s original price ranges from a jaw-dropping $350 to a still head-shaking $170.  But, after some googling and coupon hunting, I got them from for — wait for it — $27.16, including shipping!  They’re still for sale, too, so if you like ’em, go to this page and see if they have your size!

I didn’t have to wait long because sent me my wedges in two days! Here are some (phone) pics.

The tie-dye uppers are made of real leather and the heel is made from light wood, not plastic which I  hate.  The suede-like foot bed keep your bare or socked feet from sliding forward as you walk.  And the soles are rubber and keeps  klutzes like me from slipping!

POSITIVES: They’re quite comfy and, if you’re used to walking in heels, easy to walk in. NEGATIVES: They wobble a bit on uneven ground and walking downhill can be a challenge — not unusual for wedges, though.

The Messeca Coraline Wedges are high but the hidden platform makes the height manageable.

I’m not a pink-loving girl but I love these shoes PRECISELY because they’re tie-dyed pink.  Bronne felt iffy about the color and we both agreed that a darker color would probably fit my mostly-black wardrobe better.  Then today — what a coincidence! — I chanced upon another pair of Messeca Coralines at

The Messeca Coraline Multi-Metallic

They were on sale from $169.95 to $59! But despite my footwear-frenzy, my frugal self surfaced. I knew I wasn’t going to part with almost $60 for this pair, especially after paying less than half of that for the pink tie-dye ones.  So I went coupon hunting again and found one that takes $20 off any purchase. So I got them for $39, with free shipping, I’m quite happy-ashamed to say.  Hey! They’re still on sale and in 3 colors, too, so click this and find out if the site has your size!

That’s just the tip of my shoe-crazed iceberg, folks. And I’d rather not talk about my other shoes. Yet. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Shoe-crazy

  1. alifeofsummer says:

    the pink will pop out from your mostly earthy wardrobe, it will liven things up and will be a pleasant surprise.

    • I love ’em, too. But I’m thrilled about the pink ones because almost all of my shoes are black or dark-colored. The pink ones are so girly and unlike me. It’s refreshing! 🙂

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