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Every time I visit my blog, I see that I’ve got some readers despite my on-and-off existence here, and for that I’ve been and am grateful. Thanks, you lovely people — friends and accidental visitors!

Here I am with Ladybug, wearing my blue-framed glasses for the very last time. The lenses have warped and so I had to say goodbye to something that's become part of my face for years.

Since you’re here…

I might as well tell you that I need your HELP.  Whether I know you, or you just stumbled upon my blog, I really need your help!  If you don’t know it yet, I’m a musician and part of an acoustic rock duo making its rounds here in Georgia, US.  We’re getting known for our unique arrangements, what we like to call as our “inventive renditions”, of hit songs.  But we’re also making a *tiny* dent in the music world with our original songs.

Right now, we’re beefing up our repertoire and recording our songs, or at least, trying to find time to do it.  It’s difficult being musicians but we’re pretty darn serious about what we do.


♪ If you have a Facebook account, please go to HE SANG SHE SANG and click the box that says LIKE.

♪  If you have a Twitter account, please follow us @HeSangSheSang.

♪  If you have/know of Reverbnation, please become our FAN!

♪  If you live in Georgia or planning a trip here, please go to our blog’s EVENT PAGE and try to come and see us some time.

Please tell your friends about us.  We love what we do.  We love knowing that people love what we do, too.  Please show us some LOVE and give us a helping hand.  For just a couple of clicks, you’ve become part of our history. 🙂



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