Getting Addicted to Making Animation

I know I’m no animator.  First off, I can draw passably enough, but drawing using the touch pad of my laptop is a challenge.  I’m all hit or miss here and I’ve completed drawings at a snail’s pace.

But — voila! — here is my second attempt at making animation.  It’s about a strange venue owner we met months ago.  It would make more sense if you read about it on my HE SANG SHE SANG blog.  It’s ripe with juicy tidbits and intrigue!!! (Well, just a bit… hehehe).  Also, you’ll see a BIGGER VERSION of the cartoon.  For some reason, the animation doesn’t work on WordPress.  Perhaps because it’s a big file.

I did everything.  So if it sucks, blame me.  I was very conscious of Bronne, who is the visual artist of the family, looking over my shoulder, laughing inwardly at my feeble attempts to draw.  Actually, he wasn’t, but I was very very self-conscious about the whole process.

I did have fun making the cartoon, though!  I think I spent 6 hours to draw, color, Photoshop, revise and animate this short clip but I loved every minute of it.  I just used a gif animator for this one and I’m currently looking for a FREE simple animation software online so I can make more sophisticated cartoons in the future.  I’m not after creating “Finding Nemo 2”, but I do want to step things up a bit.

Do you know of a FREE simple animation software I can download online?  I’ve read about Pencil and Pivot Stickfigure animator but I’m trying to find out more.

So help me if you can! 🙂


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