Hello! My Name is …

I’ve introduced myself to you many times as Liz.  Man Hands Lizzie is based on that monicker.

BUT — you may as well know it — I am mostly called by another name.  One which will be revealed to you in the cartoon below.


I haven’t been misrepresenting myself to you.  I am called Liza by family.  Pronounced “lee-za” and often spelled incorrectly with an “s” by some people, it’s my second name.  I am called Alma by everybody else.  I’ve been christened other names by friends, students, and co-workers; but these are the two I’ve been called the longest.  Alma is my “public” name; Liza is “private”.

My mother told me that the characters my names bring me oppose each other.

Alma is an extrovert.  Liza is an introvert.

Alma is open.  Liza has many secrets.

Alma is adventurous.  Liza would rather stay home and read.

I was supposed to have a different second name, she said.  Something like “Bella”, which means ‘beautiful’.  But she changed it at the last minute because she checked the astrology and numerology charts and realized the character it would bring me wouldn’t suit me.  She’s not a die-hard believer in those things and just happened upon a couple of articles from magazines.  Still, I find this tale to be very telling and believe that fate had it that I receive two conflicting names.   And I find that, yes, I am all of these things.

I used to hate my public name.  There was a famous actress who had the same name when I was growing up.  Her intelligence, or lack thereof, had been fodder to many jokes about stupidity.  I can’t tell you how often people made lame quips connecting my name with hers.  It used to irritate the hell out of me and I’d instantly dislike whoever joked about it.

Alma means “soul” in Spanish.  I came to love this name because of its meaning.  Liza is short for “Elizabeth” and  means “consecrated to God”.  I connect this name to the sound of my parents voices.  Even now, with my father gone and my mother thousands of miles away, I can close my eyes and hear them speak my second name and feel utterly LOVED.

So, hello!  My name is Alma.  Or Liza.  Or Liz.  Or Lizzie. And if you know me by any other name, then feel free to keep calling me that, too.  All of my names have, in their way, defined and shaped me.  Just as much as the people who utter them to address me have.



6 thoughts on “Hello! My Name is …

  1. livingeasyandme says:

    Ms. Alma, they say that having two multiple names gives us multiple personalities. :))

    Having two, I guess means dual personalities like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I wonder about those having three or four first names. Maybe schizophrenic? Joke! :))

  2. Carolyn TeBeest says:

    Alma, Liza, Liz, Lizza, :>)

    I am really liking your new blog! You are so precious, gifted and talented.

    I have lots of names too. I can totally relate to a “girl with many names). :>) My middles name is Elizabeth and it is my most favorite. However, Carolyn means “joyful spirit” and I like that too.

    I’m sure you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Carolyn/Jules/family and I am more than sure the cookin’ was delish ’cause Carolyn is one great cook!

    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our daughter, Katrina and family along with her husband’s family. FYI: I’m thankful that God has brought you and Bronne into our lives.

    I’m sure gonna enjoy your blogs, etc., I know.

    Love, hugs, and God bless,
    Carolyn aka CC of HP (Carolyn Conrad from High Point, NC),Ninny (My grandarlins call me this & friends too), Big Sis, GA Twin, B T #2 (Bobsey Twins.

    • Thank you so much for dropping by my blog, Ms. Carolyn! The meaning of your name, Carolyn, suits you very well because I do think you are a joyful spirit. And it’s nice to know another girl with many names! Bobsey Twins take me back to my elementary days. Weren’t they young twin detectives? 🙂

      Yes, we did have a wonderful Thanksgiving at Ma’am Carolyn’s. The food was great and the company, too. Their kids and grand kids (I like your moniker for them: ‘grandarlins’) are just lovely! We were stuffed like turkey by the end of the evening. Hahaha!

      I’m thankful, too, for having met you. You and Ron are such joyful souls. Your joy just rubs off on people! We hope to see you again soon!

      Love, hugs, and God bless, too!

  3. I think both are beautiful. I’m an Elizabeth, too (middle name). All the women in my family have that middle name, and as a result we all have a nickname based on it. I’m Lilybet, my cousins are Bess, Lizzy, and Betty.

    Alma means “soul” in Spanish, you’re right, but it’s also used as slang for “dawn” in some countries – “alba.” And if you’re an “Alma alba,” you’re the soul of the morning.

    Nice to meet you – all of you!

    • I think it’s lovely that all the women in your family share the same middle name and give each other special nicknames. 🙂 I never heard of “alba” being a slang for alma. That’s nice to know. It adds another dimension to the name. 🙂

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