I’m No Lady…

… if you’re going to act like an ass.

Recently, I encountered this basketball-playing jerk at the school gym.  His ball went in the bounds of our court.  And, instead of getting it off as quickly as possible as others do when they see that the badminton players are having a game, Clumsy McKlutzy stood there dribbling his ball.  I shouted at him to get off because we were in the middle of a game.  And he looked at me with mouth agape like he couldn’t believe what he just heard.  He spewed a string of angry sentences that went a-something like this:

Who are you to tell me what to do? F**k you! Who do you think you are?  You’re not a lady! F**k you!

Same sentences over and over like a broken record.   He swaggered towards me, screamed at the top of his lungs while pointing his finger at my face the entire time.  His friends were trying to pull him off but he went on with his tirade.  Several times, he did this lame-o macho move.  You know the one: attempt to walk away then suddenly turn back and resume sputtering.

But I stood my ground.  I raised my voice just as loudly.  I charged ahead.  Our shouting match lasted more than five minutes and everybody in the gym heard it.  The person manning the gym that day came in.  The jerkwad told him I had been rude to him and, yes, that I am “not a lady”.  I almost laughed because it sounded so WEAK.  The gym person looked at me and I rolled my eyes and made a look that said, “See what a lame-o this neanderthal is?”

The neanderthal was a Chinese exchange student at B’s school.  I’m not saying all Chinese are neanderthals.  They are not.  I married one and he’s the gentlest creature I know.  But this man-boy really was.   A woman told him off and, boy, that twisted his boxers in a knot.  Having taught at a Chinese all-girls’ school that had a Chinese all-male school for a neighbor, I have met quite a few males like him.

They like their woman obedient.  They want her soft-spoken.  Preferably quiet.  They want her to cower when they point their finger at her face and scream at her.  They want her to back off when he approaches her intimidatingly.  They expect her to cry.  It doesn’t matter that we’re way past the Middle Ages.  Or that women from his country, more and more, are gaining equal footing as the men in terms of education and career.   Nope.  These don’t mean a thing.  A lady must never speak her mind or raise her voice to a man.

Well, caveman, tough luck.  I’m proud NOT to be your kind of lady.

I don’t fit your misguided misogynistic mold.  Had your finger poked me, even accidentally, during your bullshit tirade, I would not have cried.  I would have punched. My fingers would have been sore for days coming in contact with your bony face, but my spirit would have soared.

Because I’m a woman, singular and strong.

And you’re just a blustering man-boy.  Boo-hoo.

Anyways, to cut the story short, Mr. Gym pulled the caveman away and told him it was both our fault.  I think it was all for diplomacy’s sake because after that he asked the buffoon to get off so we can finish our game.  Ngwek ngwek….


6 thoughts on “I’m No Lady…

  1. Bobo says:

    BRAVO! This is why I look up to you, because of your strength as a woman. I hope to be strong like you one day. 🙂

    Sorry for taking a long time to get to your comment. My laptop is in the shop.

    You know, Bobo, I think you have it in you. It’s there just waiting to be unleashed. hahaha! I wish I was more patient like you. I know that’s something I don’t have. Hugs!

  2. jenica says:

    Hi Miss Cabel! 😀 Remember me?

    Definitely one of my guilty pleasures is to read your blogs. Haha.

    And good job on that. We don’t have to deal with irresponsible twerps like that. (I had a few moments like this as well. Heehee.)

    Hope everything’s fine there on your side. 😀

    Thanks, dear. I’m sure you were able to deal with the twerps at your end just as well! 😀

    And I hope everything’s fine at your end. Have a happy summer!

  3. Michael says:

    Wow! Good for you! It’s a good thing that you taught my daughter. I hope some of that rubbed off on her. Actually, I think I can confirm some of it did!

    Thanks, Mr. G! I think Nina has always been a toughie, in a good sort of way. I think she got that from her folks. Heehee 😀

    Thanks for dropping by. Hope everything’s good and dandy at your end. 🙂

  4. Millie says:

    Good on you! I like your kind of lady 🙂 (And I’d’ve yelled back and punched if necessary, too.)

    Then I like your kind of lady as well. Thanks, Millie! 🙂

  5. taty says:

    bravo!! you’re so ‘matapang,’ good for you! : ) i guess i didn’t know you long enough to discover that tough side of you. go, alma!

    Wahahaha! Thanks, Taty! 😀

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