Three Projects, a Steal, and an Outfit for a Sunny Day

Smile, lovelies!


It’s sunny today and B. and I are going for a walk around the campus to stare at the flowering trees and bushes.  I decided to blend in the flora’s purple and pink splendor with this outfit.  I finally get to show some skin and feel the sun.

There’s a downside to all of this warmth, though, and it is this: I can no longer hide my body under layers of clothes.  This means I have to face what I’ve piled on to my body during the winter (darn you, Persian and Indian buffets!).  All the flab and the lumps — arghhh!  I hate them!  I keep telling myself, tomorrow I will start working out again.  Do some running now that it’s warmer.  Maybe do some kickboxing.  Go to the neighborhood gym especially since it’s free.  But it’s sooooo difficult to take that first step.  Please, SOMEBODY SLAP ME so I can move my butt to the treadmill!

Anyways, I’ve been busy with three little projects.  I made two hats.  Well, I thrifted the hats then altered/embellished them to make them more ME.

First, the ombre berry hat.  It was ugly when I thrfited it back home.  Hideous, even!  It had all these leatherette cords and yucky brown flowers around it.  Plus it was wide-brimmed and really silly.  But I loved the color and it was good quality felt.

What I did:  I shortened the brim and used the cut material as a band.  Then I cut some leaf shapes and sewed them onto the band. Voila!

Second, the baby pink angora cloche.  I thrifted this hat from Goodwill for $2.59.  I bought it because I had an angora scarf with the same color.  When I got home, I realized that the wool sweater I bought for felting was the same exact color, too!  Talk about serendipity!  I had finished felting it and I knew I could use it to embellish the hat. 🙂

What I did:  I felted the wool sweater then cut out leaf and flower shapes.  Sewed them onto the cloche.  Tadaaa!!!

Now, the third is what I call the orchid cuff and it’s also made from the wool sweater that I felted.  Look:

Staring at it now, it looks more like an angel than an orchid.  It’s still a work in progress, though.  I’m trying to see what else I can add to it.

Then, a steal.  But first, a confession: I have a lot of sunglasses.  Aviators, angled and round ones, huge ones, tiny ones… A lot.  But when I saw these purple sunnies…

… and for $1.29 (brand new at the clearance rack at Burlington Coat Factory), I just couldn’t resist it!

As for my outfit, I’m wearing a blue-violet shift dress that I think I will shorten just a little.   Don’t you think taking two inches off it would make it flare out less awkwardly?

On top, I have on a very thin color-blocked cardigan which is quite fun, actually, because you can button it up in different ways.  I left it open today because it was very hot.

My necklace was given to me by a fellow musician, Bayang Barrios, who is also one of the most talented performers in my country.  She and I got to know each other during my theater days and renewed that friendship during my musical stint in Korea.  She surprised me with this handmade necklace when we got home.  Thanks again, Bayang! 🙂

And for my footwear: Dansko sandals, the comfiest pair you can wear on your feet.  I mean it!  They’re a bit expensive, though, ranging from $110 to $125.

But I got mine for $3 back home.  Thrifted and almost brand new!  I’m so lucky!  Woohooo!!!

Err… Don’t hate me.



5 thoughts on “Three Projects, a Steal, and an Outfit for a Sunny Day

  1. cato says:

    i love your projects in this entry! 😀 so pretty. 🙂

    and i WAS wondering if i was seeing things. i did think you were a tad bit wider than i remembered. :S

    Unfortunately, winter was really hard on me. (People here say I was unlucky that my first winter has been the coldest in five years.) I wasn’t able to workout except for badminton which we play twice a week. Now that it’s warmer, though, I want to start being active again but my knee is bothering me big time. Arghhh.

    • cath says:

      i should spend a winter there then. it’d hopefully make me gain a little weight? haha! 🙂

      I think you’re naturally thin like your mom.

  2. cuz says:

    You always surprise me with your choices of fashion..and this time, I could not believe you having a fascination with pink. HAHA. You look so kikay with the beaded necklace, reminiscent of a teenager back in the 90’s (which is more or less a good thing).

    The ombre hat does not look like it was altered at all. I could not imagine it with the brown flowers and leather details. The final product is flawless. The pink leaves match the shade of the hat itself, not overpowering the the hat’s basic structure. I think it would work well with denim jacket, pastel colored dress and the sandals you are wearing at the last picture. 🙂

    Your next creation was absolutely lovely and all sorts of cute. (yes I’m a sucker for baby pink and flowers haha). The flower doesn’t seem it was added as an afterthought because the fabric is absolutely the same. I think it could fit into anyone’s taste whether you’re a middle aged woman, a child or a senile person haha. It can spark up any casual autumn/winter outfit. I don’t know, but I have visions of it topping off a gray knee-length cardigan, white tank top, denim jeans and basic brown leather boots. A giant woven satchel would be a nice complement to the weaves of the hat. :)..not forgetting the matching wrist band you made. 🙂

    PS: don’t take on a crash diet, it might ruin your just-right figure :))

    I like the outfits you cooked up, Merri, especially since you thought of the whole look including the bag. I’m not into jeans now, though. Now that I don’t have to suffer commuting, I can wear all the short skirts and dresses I want! Bwahahaha! 😀

    I’m glad you like my hats and approve of my figure. Hehe. Don’t worry. I don’t believe in diets. I want to keep on eating. I do want to work out more. 🙂

    Waiting for your pics, dearie. But take your time and enjoy your summer.

  3. sara says:

    I just love that cardigan – the colors are fantastic, and I love that it can be worn in a few ways. This is such a fun, colorful outfit!

    Thank you, Sara! I think the sunshine is bringing out the colors from my closet. 🙂

  4. Katie says:

    I love the cuffs! And felting looks like such a good idea – I wish I could wear wool 😦
    The flare of the dress makes it look like it has a bit of a tulip hem, which is cute, but it would also look peachy shorter. Have fun with the pretty day and flowers!

    And as for working out – it’s everything I can do on Tues and Thurs mornings to get up at 6 to go to spin class. But once I’m there it feels great and it’s really gratifying to see my body responding to the hard work. I also go to the gym specifically to watch television shows I love, but the deal is I have to work out the whole time I’m watching them. So, reward and workout at the same time.

    Thank you, Katie-did! 🙂 You can felt cashmere, I think. Any 100% natural material, I read. So you can still make one. Are you allergic to wool?

    Can you maybe push me out of bed so I can work out in the morning. You see, B. and I are not morning people. It sounds terrible but we sleep through it. We’re night owls awake sometimes until 4 or even 5 AM in the morning (sometimes even later) and we wake up just before noon in time for me to prepare his lunch and for him to leave for classes (ah, the perks of teaching in college!). So, I wake up smelling and touching food, and, when I do, I have to eat. I can’t work out anymore. (Excuses, excuses).

    Anyways, that thing about watching shows while working out is a great incentive. Maybe I can watch The View and do some kickboxing instead of venting. hahaha

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