Apartment Nomads

This is a silly little post.  Just a warning.

Our little apartment has three rooms: the living room/dining area; our bedroom; and my room where my keyboard and workstation is.  Everyday, we choose where to “camp out” for working or eating.  It’s part of our daily routine to ask, “Where do we work/eat tonight?”  Meaning, which part of our abode.

B. and I are apartment nomads.

Because we like listening to music (him) or voices (me, as in stand-up or interviews) while we work, and enjoy watching videos on Hulu while we eat, another part of our routine is to carry the speakers where we park.  That’s my job and I don’t like it.  Everyday, I have to move the speakers at least twice.  The wires get all tangled up and I have to untangle them, and the speakers’ shape makes them hard to hold… oh, it’s just such a bother!  (What a princess! *snicker*)

We’ve discussed getting another pair so we can have one in our bedroom and another in the living room, but that’s just against our principles.  We advocate recycling and are against buying things we don’t need.  So why buy another pair when — ding,ding,ding! you can make your very own speaker carry-box?

With this vinegar box, a couple of red garters to hold the speakers in place, and a wide black and white striped band as a strap (these are all recycled materials, by the way), the speaker carry-box came to be. Tadaaa!!!

It looks funny, I know, but it’s made my life much easier. (As if carrying a pair of speakers to another room is such hardship!)

Thanks, speaker carry-box!  (*thumbs up!*…*snicker*)

I told you this was a silly post. :D

5 thoughts on “Apartment Nomads

  1. cato says:

    maybe you can paint the box or cover it up in art paper or fabric or something. wouldn’t look funny anymore that way. 🙂

    Oh, but I like the box as is. I like that it really looks like a box because I find it very amusing. You should see the shelves B. and I made. They’re made of cooking oil boxes and we call them The Wesson towers, which is the brand. It’s something that makes me smile when I see them. 😀

  2. Cabsy! Guess who??? 😀

    I just returned to wordpress recently, and I suddenly remembered that you had one as well. Then I saw this link at The Music Teacher, and wow! I love your posts. And your outfits. Ang cuuute! 😀

    Mind if I add you to my blogroll? 🙂

    Allie!!! Mr. Pringles!!!

    Mind? I’d be delighted if you added me. Thanks for the kind words. They mean something because I’ve always admired your quirky-cute style. I’ll drop by your blog and add you, too. 🙂 Can’t wait!

    Have a happy summer, dear. I’m really happy to wake up to your comment. 🙂

  3. cuz says:

    Cute little bag..reminds me of the zesto/ tetra pack made bags here. You should try adding a lid, then take it out for walks. You might end up being the talk of the fashion world. hihihi :))

    Uy. Did you know that they import those in France? It’s a big hit there!

    How many people walk around with speakers anyway? Talk of the fashion world, my fanny. 😛 Hahaha! You’re loopy, cuz.

  4. Katie says:

    Let no one say you’re not a problem solver. A whiny, princess problem solver, but a problem solver none-the-less!

    I’m a whiny princess problem solver! I love it! 😛

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