Banned and Blue

I’m banned from browsing news websites and from watching The View. Or if I can’t stay away, I’ll try not to get upset by what I read or watch.   Or if I do get upset, not to let B. know about it.  He was the one who suggested I stop watching because I always end up telling him how irritated I am and he starts worrying.

Why do I get upset, you may ask?  News today is sensationalized.  It’s designed to rouse feelings because it keeps viewers tuned in.  And when they’re tuned in, the network continues to earn from advertisers.  It’s almost ridiculous sometimes how opinions are disguised as news, and how much brainwashing is done by people who should be delivering the day’s events without bias or color.  News delivery should be neutral — beige.  Let the viewers/listeners/readers respond to day’s tidings without help from you.

Oh, and The View.  Why that, you prod?  One particular panelist gets on my nerves.  I just can’t stand her voice when she goes on the defensive, and I don’t appreciate how she doesn’t seem to listen when she’s on the offensive.  (I was going to say “when she’s on the attack” but that would be coloring my words the way the news reporters do.)  It’s too bad because I think she’s a valuable member of the panel.  I wouldn’t want to watch a talk show where the whole panel agree with each other.  If only she’d listen before pouncing.  (Yes.  Pounce.  There, the negative tint was intentional.)  I think Larry King once asked her about how angry she was on the show.  And she said it wasn’t anger.  It was “passion with a purpose”.  Maybe.  Whatever it is, I do know one thing about loud and high pitched voices:  people tune out when their ears can’t take it anymore.  So, Elizabeth, may I say: if you want to get your point across, convey your message calm manner, OK?  Please do because I really like the show.  I watch it while I do chores, actually, and I don’t want to get agitated while I’m mopping the floor.

Anyways, that is why I am on current events and daytime talk show diet.

Outfit last Saturday:

I wore a ruffled vest over long-sleeved knitted blouse.   Black again, I know, but I had on light blue earrings and bracelets given to me by my man, B.

I really like the pattern of this jersey skirt so much that I wish it were longer so more of the design would show.  It’s a short skirt and I can wear it without worries because of my new blue opaque wool tights.  And to tie it all up, I wore the blue shoes I thrifted back home for $3.  These are Prada and I think they’re for men or boys because the size says 3 (I wear a seven).  Well, I didn’t care because it fit me quite well and I love ’em!

The light blue earrings and bracelets:  $10.50, Sears Outlet
Tights:  $3, Sears Outlet
Everything else:  thrifted back home

One thought on “Banned and Blue

  1. At least you vent to B., a real live person. I’m famous for sitting alone in my apartment, yelling at the television. Or, I yell at the radio, and then I’m just the crazy lady stopped at the red light next to you, waving her hands around and turning purple.

    I yell a lot, too, when I’m alone, but I continue venting when B. comes home. Haha!

    Anyways, purple goes well with your skin tone and lovely dark hair. Yell on! 😛

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