The sun finally chose to kick the dark clouds away and rule the skies for the whole day.  So I celebrated the warmth by wearing

  • my short frilly maroon dress that I thrifted back home,
  • semi-sheer maroon tights,
  • tall fitted black boots,
  • black straw hat,
  • and brown sunnies.

Shhh… you know, the maroon dress wasn’t really that short when I bought it.  It was above my knees and very loose.  It also had these holes in the front that I planned to fix.  But I when I got here, not having any idea what heat can do to wool when in the dryer, it shrunk!  The great thing about the shrinkage is that the holes shrunk as well.  In fact, they disappeared. (Magic!)

It’s the shortest dress I ever wore in my whole life but I felt secure because of the tights.  (Plus I wore B.’s black boxers on top of my tights — heehee!)  When I wore it last Saturday, B. liked it and I even got a compliment when we went shopping.

Short as it was, this dress was perfect for our plan to pig out at Shish Kebab, the Persian buffet near our place.  If you like delicious Persian or spicy food, you’d love Shish Kebab.  I know I do.  And just to show you how sweet my man is: he can’t stand spicy food but will eat there with me because he knows I love it.  Poor guy, he sweats and turns red in the face while eating but smiles bravely when I ask him if he’s having fun.

A lot of people get digestive problems after eating hot or spicy food, but not me!  I’m fine.  No problems alimentary or digestive problems AT ALL.  I think my tongue, stomach, and other digestive parts were really made for hot and spicy food.

My love for spicy and hot food is also very evident at home.  If you open our fridge, this is the first thing you’ll see:

When we bought this huge bottle of Jalapenos at Sam’s, B. asked: are you sure you’ll be able to finish that before it expires?

I finished it in less than a month.


8 thoughts on “Spicy!

  1. Alyssa says:

    Hi ‘cher! Spring seems to be putting you in a happier mood 😀

    Oh! That dress is super cute 🙂 Perfect summer wear, minus the tights and boots – ’cause it’s always too hot to wear tights and/or boots 😀 Though if you’d wear it here, you might want to wear it with shorts and sandals 🙂

    heehee 🙂 I miss you :”D

    Alyssa! You know, I think this dress would look great on you because of your height. 🙂 But you’re right. If I wear it there, I’d probably wear leggings because I have to commute (and I don’t want to flash people as I hop on the jeepney, haha) and that would probably ruin the look. But if I were there, the dress wouldn’t have shrunk. It’s the dryer here that did it. I don’t think a spinner and sampay would have shrunk it. 🙂

    Hey, have a happy summer vacation! 😀 I miss you, too, dearie! 😀

  2. Valcon says:

    My mum says your outfit is cute! :)) I showed her your blog by way of “introducing” her to you :))

    Aww, that’s so sweet. Please thank your mom for me. 🙂

  3. Wow, that dress may have shrunk, but you definitely have the legs to pull off that length, I wouldn’t worry at all, you look fabulous!! The pairing with the maroon tights and black hat is wonderful 🙂

    Why, thank you, Anjali! It’s a great compliment coming from someone who puts outfits together so effortlessly and beautifully. 🙂

  4. The dress almost reminds me of a soccer jersey in dress form (and, honestly, wouldn’t all soccer jerseys be better if they came ruffled? Right now I just go for the nachos The Rocket Scientist buys me, but add some ruffles and I might actually start caring about the game)! And that’s a wool dress? Is it warm enough to wear in the winter with heavy tights, because that would look so cute with tights and a long cardigan over it.

    I envy your spicy-tolerance. I grew up on English food, in which going spicy means adding some salt, so I’m a total wimp with spicy food. But you’re right, that’s totally the right dress for pigging out – no one will be able to see your spicy Persian food baby!

    “Persian food baby” . . . I’m laughing so hard!

    Heehee, it does look like a soccer jersey in this pic, doesn’t it? I wasn’t able to take pics of the details because B. and I were hurrying out to the door to make the buffet in time, haha! But the trimming is velvet and lace, and the sleeves are kimono-like.

    Katie, I like your styling ideas but that look, though would look fab on you, would make me look like a corned dog. 😀

    • Millie says:

      Oh man, it totally does look like a soccer jersey made into a dress!

      Once upon a time, I made a pair of wool pants, half finished them, and sort of forgot about them. Quite a while later, I rediscovered them, finished them (and realized I should’ve lined them, because they were itchy and I suspect that’s why I hadn’t bothered to finish them in the first place)…. and washed them. They shrunk several inches in both directions, and didn’t fit at all. I gave them to Chels last time I saw her :p

      Oh great! I’ve been walking around in sleep wear last Saturday without knowing it. Haha! I always think of oversized soccer jerseys as subs for nighties. 😀

      The pants fit Chelsie?

      • Katie says:

        Man, Chelsie gets everything. Tis good to be tiny.

        Hahaha! It has its perks! Especially if you have very thoughtful friends (who mess up sewing projects. teehee)

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