Spring Break

Lovelies, my absence can be easily explained by two words: Spring Break

This semester has proven more demanding of B.’s time, so we really savored our week by just doing things together.  This involved a lot of watching videos, sleeping in, and, because I’m lucky my man enjoys a good bargain as much as I, thrifting in different stores.  Ergo, I’ll be sharing a lot of our treasures on this Thursday’s Thrift Trip.

As far as projects are concerned, I’ve been working on several things but got slowed down because of a badminton accident where my partner mistook my hand for the birdie. (Hahaha! Just kidding, Dilshad!)  It was kind of funny, actually, until the knuckle of my pointing finger started to swell up, and I couldn’t hold anything properly for a couple of days, including scissors and needles.

If somebody asks me what happened to my hand, I’ll spew a tall tale where I had to hit an angry bear across the jaw during one of our hikes.  This tells you how clueless I am about bears.  Or hikes.

Speaking of hikes:  B. and I went on a couple with friends.  This pictorial was taken from Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park (Whew! Long name!).

I love nature.  Trees, stones, leaves, mud… I love them all!  This hike, however, proved to me how “citified” I am.  Walking in the forest is so foreign to me it’s almost scary.  I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to do it alone.  If I got separated from my friends, I’d probably run around like a headless chicken into tree trunks.  Just screaming and crazy running-hitting trunks-then falling on my butt again and again.

Aside from Joyful, another doggy hiked alongside us.  Cy is a 160-pound black labrador puppy.  That’s right: PUPPY.

Kennessaw Park was doggy heaven for him.  It just rained so it was kind of muddy but he enjoyed getting dirty.  And, as soon as he spotted the stream, he ran towards it and happily frolicked.  Free bath.

Look at him enjoying the grass.  Hahahaha!

Here is an embarrassing moment.  We had to cross a small stream to continue our hike but we weren’t prepared to wade across.  I thought, “Oh well.  Maybe next time“, quite relieved because my boots weren’t tall enough for the water. But  I turned around and I saw our friends awkwardly treading the log to get to the other side.  Even Cy tried to do it but fell into the water (which I bet he enjoyed).  My heart jumped into my throat.

I’m scared of heights.  Unfamiliar stairs, bridges, cliffs — put me any place where there’s a chance of me falling and my legs simply freeze up.  So here’s me trying to cross the log.  I know it’s not that high and I wouldn’t die if I fell, but, really, I was scared to bits!  I was laughing the whole time but I was also sweating like a pig, my face flushed like a beet.

The bright side about this is B.  He never left my side and patiently coached me the whole way.  Another was Cy who kept trying to reach me as if he wanted to help me out.  Sweeties, them both. 🙂

Blue Knitted Hat and Gloves:  Roekl, thrifted back home
Purple Turtleneck Long Sleeves:  thrifted back home
Gray V-neck Tunic:  thrifted back home
Black Work-out Tights:  Danskin, $5 from Marshalls!
Purple Wool Knee-high Socks:  DKNY, $7 from DSW!
Black Boots:  thrifted back home

That’s all, lovelies! 🙂  Have a nice day!


8 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. sara says:

    I love these photos! I don’t think I could have crossed that log! It looks like you had a great time.

    Thanks, Sara! I take it you’re a city girl, too? 🙂

  2. By and far the photo of you bracing against the tree is so pretty! But, I do have to say: you call that hiking?!? Hah! Come out west and I’ll show you some hiking! The Rocket Scientist routinely tries to get me to hike up 14ers (mountains that are at least 14,000 feet high), and sometimes he’s successful. Well, he calls them hikes, I call them death marches. However, you do beat me in that you get to look adorable when you go hiking, where as I am a vision in khaki, sweat, and little twigs that get stuck in my hair every time I fall down a flicc.

    Hahaha! I was pretending to gnaw at the fallen tree like a beaver. Hahaha! There’s the secret for me to look great in B.’s photos: pretend to be a semi-aquatic rodent!

    I know! I know! It was pseudo-hiking! Hiking lite is all I’m capable of, for now. As for my outfit, that just shows you how naive I was thinking I’d be strolling along a prairie-like field a la Maria Von Trap. In fact, I was considering tights and a skirt. What a city girl.

    • Hmm, apparently I’ve taken to reversing consonants today. “Flicc” = “Cliff.”

      Cliff = fall down, hurt your bum, get twigs and mud in your hair

      Flicc = get swooped up, hit your head on a plane flying overhead first before falling down on your bum and getting twigs and dirt in your hair.

      Hmmm… which one to choose?…

  3. cath says:

    wow! busy busy busy! 🙂 i’ve gotten busy too because it’s the last two weeks of school and aside from papers to write, the high school culminating activity to arrange/organize and survive through, the children’s opera that i have yet to compose the finale for, and our spanish oral finals which is actually just a play that i have to memorize lines for, i also have performances to play/dance in. kakaloka. haha! just sharing. 🙂

    various other comments:
    – ouch about the hand injury. :O
    – wow hiking! i want to go hiking too! with friends din! 🙂
    – headless chicken -> this word/expression had me actually laughing out loud. it’s not as if this is the first time i encountered it. i just love the image it creates in my head. more people should use this more often. 😀
    – cy. doggie! how old is he kaya? he looks close to a year old na ah. labs love water talaga. 🙂
    – the log does look scary. :O
    – what a great adventure! 😀

    Hello, dearie! You do sound very busy over there and probably will be running around like a headless chicken soon enough. Heehee! I am confident you will tackle all of your tasks quite capably. And… a children’s opera! Wow! Don’t forget to document it. That was my mistake when my kids had their performance. 😦

    The hand’s better. It really was more of a nuisance than anything else. I don’t know if you were aware of it then but I used to box when you were a junior. All of my knuckles looked like that and my hands were always in bandages. They hurt and my knuckles had permanently gotten huge but I loved boxing too much to quit. (I think I kept it from your mom!) I kept at it for a year and a half until Ms. L, our dear principal. I don’t know how she knew about my boxing but she took my hands into hers and, in her gentle-cool way, asked, “Aren’t you a pianist?”. That woke me up. I still miss it, though. I loved being in the ring.

    Cy, I think, is almost a year old. Almost all of my dogs had been afraid of water and bath times were more like wrestling matches. It was such a delight to see him rush into the stream so unafraid and happy!

    So, dearie, am I correct in assuming you want to be called ‘Cath’ from now on? I liked ‘Cato”. In fact, I really thought the K-spelling of it was really cool. Kool. 😛 Let me know!

    Go get ’em, kiddo! Hugs!

    • cath/cato/kato says:

      re: children’s opera. i think my groupmates are just thinking of getting people around the college to sing for the opera. sir Chino said kasi it could be an opera where kids actually sing the parts or an opera that’s geared FOR children. 🙂 we haven’t finished composing yet and the day everything’s going to be performed is exactly one week from now (friday next week). i doubt many children can prepare songs that quickly. :S

      re: hands. actually, i never really noticed. that was your first year with us and i was more focused on noticing you being the new teacher who was really different from the teacher the year before to notice your hands. 🙂 i just remember the very first time i saw you play the piano. i thought it looked strange because i was taught to play with all the knuckles sort of higher than your fingers and you were playing with them below your fingers. if you get what i mean. 🙂

      re: cy. we currently have two labs and had a couple of batches of lab pups so i know about their love for water. we have a tiny fish pond in our garden and we had one puppy who loved jumping into it. it was a little troublesome. haha! 🙂

      re: name. any and all are okay. 🙂 i just use cath for posting comments on another blog i follow on wordpress and sometimes it carries on here and i forget to change it to cato. kato’s fine too. 🙂 so many people call me so many things nowadays. nicknames. new ones always pop up. back in my days in UPSA, people called me cheng. now the dance majors call me ma’am cheng because they know i’m my mother’s daughter. people at my tap dance and ballet studios know me by cathy. actually, not so many people call me catherine anymore. it’s a little sad pero okay lang. kato’s my original nickname at home. it just mutated to cato in high school. 😀

      Sir Chino has been getting someone to compose a children’s opera to be sung by children. 😀 He asked for it when I was under him and that was — wow — almost 20 years ago! Gosh, I’m old! 😛 You can make adults sing the opera and dress them like kids. Many of them think and act like kids anyway. Hahaha!

      About the piano thing, I’ve been taught that keeping the wrist lower than the knuckles relaxes the hand. But if it was too low when I was playing, it’s probably because that darned music room piano is too high because of the platform! Once I had a performance at this art gallery show and I practiced on the music room piano after class for a week because all I had at home was a clavinova. But when I got to the venue, I had a hard time adjusting to the height of the baby grand which was lower. Argh!

      I think I got used to seeing your name here as Cato so I shall use that from now on. Catherine is pretty nice, though.

      • cato says:

        it’s one of our requirements in MuEd 143 eh. we actually just need to compose 4 things: one solo voice, one solo instrument, one ensemble and the children’s opera. 🙂

        aha. it was the piano in the piano room. haha! 🙂

        okay. yup, i like my name too. 😀

        Did he pile this all on you guys near the end of the semester?

        • cato says:

          er no naman. haha! we just work mejo slow. hahaha! pero mejo crammed lang yun opera namin. my group din kasi, we’re not meeting much. parang hindi nga kami group eh. hahaha! oh well. it’s gonna be okay. 🙂

  4. taty says:

    b. and cy : )

    Hahaha! I didn’t notice because it’s actually pronounced as ‘sigh’. Heehee! 😀

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