MHL Thursday Thrift Trip: Goodwill

Hello, lovelies!  Today is Thursday.

I know it’s not but I only realized yesterday that I’ve been walking around living a day late.  It’s called losing all sense of time from being cooped up at home all week. Haha!

So, today, in my time-warped mind, is Thursday and I’m introducing a new series called MHL Thursday Thrift Trip.  (Try saying that 4 times without pausing.)  This is where I’ll be featuring treasures I found from thrifting which will include, aside from the usual Goodwill goodies, sale items from various stores B. and I like to haunt.  Since I don’t have the fabulous Katie‘s wonderland Goodwill where dresses are sold for $2 or jewelry for 25 cents, or her fairytale Target with the mysterious 25-cent bin, my purchases would probably not be as fantastic but good finds nonetheless.

Last week, B. and I went to Goodwill and found these items:

Even though I’ve plenty of skirts, I couldn’t let go of this one because it has two things I absolutely adore: plaid and purple.  B. calls it eggplant skirt but he liked it as well.  It falls above the knee and is an A-line cut.  It would really look great with tights or, I can imagine, without.  Price: $4.59.

I own several jackets but all my black ones are too light for this cold weather.  So I’ve been shopping around for a black jacket I could wear with anything — skirts, pants, dresses.  We were about to buy one at Sears but I said, let’s have a look-see at ol’ Goodwill first.  I’m happy I suggested it because there I found this.  This black 100% cotton from Old Navy is brand new and better than the one we’ve been mulling over at Sears.  It was covered with lint and I wondered if the owner gave this one away because her shitzu slept on top of it.   I’m glad she’s never heard of a lint remover or else I never would have owned this.  Price: $5.59.

Alas, woe is me!  I love belts but I have no waistline.  Still I’m compelled to buy belts, especially when they’re priced this low.  This little number is by Fossil and it’s a little raggedy where the holes are.  I told B. I can use the metal hardware as material for a project but really, I just wanted to wear it.  Price: $2.59.

Awww… look at that.  It’s a fish belt and when I saw it I felt like I found the end of the rainbow.  It’s made of fabric and tassels and it could look really enhance an all black outfit.  An artist from Atlanta called Susan Maddox designed it.  Price: $2.59.

Then there’s this Grecian column belt I saw as we were walking towards the cashier line.  B. has an interesting collection of belt buckles and I thought this would be a perfect addition.  He’s an architect and walking around with a Grecian pillar on his person would be very apt.  The belt itself has to be replaced because it’s fraying at the sides but that’s easy to do.  Price: $2.59.

Lest you’re getting sick of belts, here’s a straw hat.

This was adorned with the most artificial looking yellow flowers I’ve ever seen on a hat.  Fortunately, whoever attacked it with the hideous flowers scrimped much on the glue so they didn’t leave a mark after I removed them. I’ve yet to experience Spring but I figured I’ll be needing a straw hat either soon or in Summer.  Price: $2.60.

So, all in all we spent…

… on 6 items.  Not bad, eh?

Of late, I haven’t been taking any outfit photos.  Although the call of the college sweater and jogging pants ensemble is strong, I do dress up.  I just haven’t taken any photos because I really do want to finish organizing my workstation before anything else.  Also, Mildred has been pestering me. Teehee!

That all, lovelies!  Have a fabulous weekend! 😀


4 thoughts on “MHL Thursday Thrift Trip: Goodwill

  1. cat0 says:

    you’ve always got some interesting things ms c! 🙂 i love the fish belt and the Grecian column belt buckle! and the skirt is pretty. 🙂

    Thanks, dearie. At some point I do want to stop buying stuff. But when it’s a bargain, I just can’t stop myself! 🙂

  2. Ooh, I love that purple plaid skirt as well, it is kind of fabulous! Everything seems like an exciting (and cheap!) buy though 🙂 I am such a failure at finding good thrift shops around my area, but I should really work on that. And I hope you didn’t encounter that snotty salesgirl again!

    Hahaha! I found out Tuesdays are her days off! I do hope you find a good thrift shop in your area. It’s like a treasure hunt, thrifting is. I’m sure you’ll enjoy that. 🙂

  3. Katie says:

    I am fabulous, aren’t I? 😉

    I LOVE that purple plaid skirt. We need to coordinate, and you can wear that and I’ll wear my purple and green plaid dress and we’ll just be too cool for school. Oh, oh! And the fish belt? Perfection!

    One of the reasons I do so well at Goodwill and Arc are that they’re always having color-tag sales. I don’t know if they do this everywhere, but at my stores all the price tags are different colors and each week a different color will be 50% off. So I just bribe the clerks to give me the weekly color schedule, and go around making lists of what I like, when they’ll be on sale, and trying to hide them throughout the store until I can get them on the cheap. Deceptive and crafty? Totally!

    Oh, we have color tag sales, too, but unless you go there early on a Monday, you won’t find much left by the end of the week. I went there Tuesday and could hardly find any sale tag left! I’m all for the deceptive and crafty (hahaha!) but I’m scared the Goodwill people will catch me hiding stuff. It’s sooo bright in there, I don’t know why!

    Yes, let’s coordinate. I could wear the purple plaid next week. When do you feel like wearing your green one? heehee!

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