MHL Would You Wear this: Donna Valettie Sweater

It all started with the Miu Miu shoes I posted here.  I looked at the rest of my shoes and clothes and realized I have a lot of pretty unusual ones.  This got me thinking about formerly launching (Wow!  That sounded so grand!) a new series called MHL Would You Wear This which will be posted — when, you may ask?  Due to my love for alliteration, Wednesday, of course!

So here is the item of the day.  Let’s call it the Donna Valettie sweater because that’s what the label says:

Pretty shade of brown, soft but not dull, scattered with those adorable yellow amoeba-like shapes.

I thrifted this sweater back home for less than a dollar.  It looks quite pretty, no?

I thought that, too, until (ta-da-da-daaaa!):

No. A cat didn’t mistake this for a scratching post.  It was inside out in the previous pictures.  It really has tendrils of yarn embellishing the yellow shapes.

I actually don’t mind the tendrils.  Yes.  I admit I dread comments from people when (or if) they see me in it (Oh, my dear!  Are you alright?  Did you just roll down a bushy hill?  Did you get attacked by a crazed squirrel?) but not so much.  What bothers me about it are the yellow shapes and tendrils at the shoulders.  You see, I have manly shoulders as well.  At least that’s what B. told me.  He wasn’t trying to be mean (he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body), just honest.  But for a time, I felt so self-conscious about my shoulders that I’d walk around feeling like a lumberjack.  I wish I had delicate and feminine shoulders.  Alas, no. 😦

(Ahem… But I can smash like a man at badminton because of these shoulders so I’m not really complaining.)

Because yellow is so eye-catching, having them along the shoulders and top of the arms would accentuate my lumberjack form.  The tendrils aggravate the situation.  They’re like mad tentacles pointing an arrow straight to my shoulders: “Look, everyone!  A lumberjack is wearing me!”

So, would you wear this?

Me?  Maybe.  Perhaps I would if I could…

  1. …wear it under a jacket or coat, and as long as I don’t have to remove said jacket or coat.  But that’s the coward’s way, methinks.
  2. …remove the label and wear it inside-out. I don’t mind the seams showing.  I think it adds character.
  3. …tuck in the unwanted tendrils using a crochet hook.  Maybe leave the ones not along the shoulder.  This requires a bit of labor but could be worth it in the end.

What do YOU think? 🙂


5 thoughts on “MHL Would You Wear this: Donna Valettie Sweater

  1. Gila says:

    Wow, that sweater is something else! It actually looks like my cat has upchucked on it after a particularly bad dinner. I quite like it the wrong way out.. but the other tendril way.. I say No way.But of course, each to their own, and I am dying to see the pics of you wearing it..:)

    Hello there, Gila. 🙂 I agree about your cat comment. Hahaha! I think if this sweater was on the runway, it would look great. But encountering someone wearing it up close would be a real mouth-gaper. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  2. Millie says:

    Eeek! The tendrils, to me, make it look like you’re wearing it inside out, and I’m not a fan. I like it actually inside out (first picture), though, and I think that a light, flowy skirt would look best with it. And maybe the Miu Miu shoes? :p

    Hahaha! I like your reaction! Now that I think about it, the brown reminds me too much of an animal so wearing it with the tendrils make it seem like I’m wearing something alive. I think inside-out is winning! 😀

  3. Oh my… Today is NOT Wednesday! I’ve lost all sense of time and honestly thought today was Wednesday. Sorry! And why am I writing this here? Oh noes… My brain is going gaga on me!

  4. At first I loved it (anything with an amoeba, duh), but the right side out probably would have dissuaded me. I second goldenmeans in wearing it inside out…most of the time.

    I think the V-neck will help mitigate any linebacker-shoulder syndrome you think you might have going on (though I can’t see it at all), and maybe pairing it with something girly on the bottom? Either way, it’s official, you must show us how you wear this!

    Heehee! Now I’m getting excited about wearing this. I believe you’re right about pairing it with girly bottoms.

    LOL, linebacker-shoulder syndrome! Hahahaha!

  5. LOL, I was shocked when I saw the “right side out” way, so different! If you like it without the tendrils on the shoulder, I would just take off the label wear it inside out, I don’t think anyone will be the wiser, I certainly couldn’t tell in your photos!

    When I saw it in the thrift store, it was hanging the wrong way so I was just as shocked as you were. I think wearing it like a reversible garment would work. When I’m feeling brave (and thin) I will wear it with the tendrils exposed. Hahaha!

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