Go, Child. The Lights Might Cheer You Up!

Prepare yourself for the most boring post.  I’m in silent mode today.  Definitely feeling better, though.

Yesterday, I went to B.’s school to look at the lamps his students made for their lighting competition.  The goal is for them to base the design of their lamp to an existing architectural structure.  So while B. and the other professors got busy with the preparations, I turned my attention to B.’s mid term papers.  The other professor feigned protest, “That’s not fair making your wife check your papers!”  Heehee.  B. just smiled sheepishly.

Some of the lamps were really lovely.  I certainly had my favorites.  Which is yours?

I could sit in front of this scene for hours.  But, of course, B. took great photos of them.  They’re not really that hypnotic in person.

I was in a very bad mood and almost didn’t go to the light show.  Joyful wouldn’t have it.

B. cooked me a delicious dinner to make me feel better.  I’m a very lucky gal!

Yummmm…  The secret’s in the sauce!

Yesterday’s outfit, at least, I felt good about.  I feel so lucky I found that fascinator headband.  I just have to smile every time I put it on.  It makes me feel like a princess.  This skirt I love but it falls up to mid-calf, which is very unflattering for me.  So I hiked it up and tucked the waist band under my bra band.  Throughout the day, it kept sliding back onto my waist (I have a waist??? whooopee!!!) so I’m thinking of altering it a bit.  I’ll show you when it’s done.  I also like how the mesh shirt stays in place when I pull it over my hands.

Jeweled fascinator headband:   Ross, $3
Black knitted coat with adorable buttons:   bought back home in a shopping frenzy, around $12.
Powder blue long-sleeved mesh shirt:   thrifted back home
Black, yellow, and gray plaid bias-cut A-line skirt:   thrifted back home.
The slouchiest black boots in the world:  thrifted back home
Black tights and knee-high socks

I wanted to do a fake smile a la Lilo.  But I ended up looking like…

Hahaha!  Oh noes!


8 thoughts on “Go, Child. The Lights Might Cheer You Up!

  1. cuz says:

    It’s great seeing works from another perspective..literally. They don’t look like they came straight from buildings themselves because those lights have lives of their own. How I wish we have more conceptual projects like those back here since they push the student’s creativity and allow them to drift apart without much restriction, plus these lights make good conversational pieces with the help of the environment. (nagpaparinig ba? tell sir d. to come back because our batch wasn’t able to experience him [and that in itself is a good thing right? because we don’t have to dytoxify ourselves?]

    Oh your outfit is lovely as usual. The skirt fits you to a T despite doing a bit of smart improvisation. It’s the details which count, and that head piece is the perfect jewel to top a monochromatic outfit. It gives it a glamorous touch and complements the feminine ruffles of your coat. 🙂 and..PS..you do look like Stitch in that expression HAHAHAHAHHA

    Hey I have an idea..try making it into a tube dress and use a thick black belt to tie the skirt around our lower breast area. Then use a bolero to top it all off. 🙂

    Hugs, dearie. I shall tell B… err, sir D. that you enjoyed his studio’s lamps. I’ll ask him to post them in his FB so you can see the lamps individually. He photographed them well.

    Of course, you’d have an idea about the skirt! I’ve tried that one, though, but because of the bias cut of the skirt, it doesn’t lay flat on the back if you hike it up. If you belt it a la empire, it will produce this hump that could still be noticeable even with a bolero. I’d look like another cartoon character. This time, Quasimodo.

    And why am I not surprised you appreciated the Stitch reference? hahaha

    • cuz says:

      awwwwwwwwww …..it seems like you’ve been trying a lot of creative ways to dress yourself hence you know which ones work for you and which ones don’t. 😀 I’d prefer you as Stitch than Quasimodo…your look and act more like the former and the latter :p HAHAHAH

      Good, because I love Stitch! I’d rather be a slobbering toothy alien than a hunchback.

      • cuz says:

        Speaking of calling you Mrs. D, a while ago Sir. O corrected me when I kept on referring to you as Ms. C since Mr. D’s name went in passing during our pseudo-souped up morning conversation (driven by my lack of sleep).

        Bah! Sir O is too traditional. We don’t flow like that! Ms. C all the way. 😀

  2. Bobo says:

    The lamps look pretty.

    And you look pretty as ever 🙂

    You’re glowing cos you’re in love! Aha so it’s cool you posted something about lamps, cos they uhh…. glow?

    Hi Ms. C (I don’t know if I should call you Mrs. D haha!), it’s 1:27am here and I’m doing Math problems and I’m tired and sleepy but I decided to go to your blog and that woke me up a bit.

    I miss you 🙂

    Awww, AV. I miss you, too. You and your quirky-sweet ways. You know you’ll always have a special place in my heart reserved for the only “little miss C”. What a coincidence. Today, I’m wearing braided pigtails and I remember how you came as ME in one of our costume parties. Love you, dear, You study hard, OK?

    Ms. C

    • Bobo says:

      Haha you hit a soft spot on this big crybaby when you said I’ll always have a place in your heart and now I’m teary-eyed! It feels like I haven’t seen you in YEARS. Even though you’re a thousand miles away now, it still feels like you’re here! I’m so happy you started up a new blog so at least I get to know what’s been happening with you over there. And I’m glad to see you’re enjoying your life there!

      And yes I will study hard! I have to or else I’ll keep failing my exams AHAHAHA! I miss and love you 🙂

      Love you, too, kiddo. I was really happy you dropped by. Update me about your life when you can, ok? Keep up the good work and continue being the cool nerdy bird you are! Haha! 😀

  3. cato says:

    me likey the skirt!! 😀 and the lamps! 🙂 i shall tell gwen to look at the pictures here, she just finished her thesis on some lamp designs (or something like it, i’m not too sure if i got it right, hehe) herself! 🙂

    B. will be delighted to know you appreciate the lamps. Most of the kids made it using plastic materials like ordinary cups or boards. You can design and make one of your own. 🙂

  4. I love the gratuitous (I suspect) shot of your hubby’s bum – nice touch!

    I have a couple skirts that hit me in that awkward, makes your legs look stumpy, spot on my calves, too. Since I don’t have a sewing machine and the thought of hemming lined skirts makes me want to curl into a ball and eat ice cream and watch dvds of The Gilmore Girls instead, now I wear those skirts with tall, fitted boots. Makes all the difference in the world.

    And what fabulous lamps! The Rocket Scientist could have stayed in that exhibition forever – he loves stuff like that.

    Heehee… It was a nice shot of the B. butt, yes! 😀 And I’m glad you liked the lamps. Winners were announced today and all of my favorites made it!

    I have an idea to turn that skirt and others with the same problematic length into some kind of empire dress. Hope it works! And, right-o about wearing them as is with tall fitted boots. But because I don’t have your height (I’m 5’3″), I think I’d look dowdy.

  5. sara says:

    I love the different textures throughout this outfit and the sleeves on that jacket are perfection! I can’t wait to see what you do with the skirt – its pattern makes it a keeper!

    Thanks, Sara! I think that outfit featured all of my wardrobe favorites. I’m glad they all went together!

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