Skirts Galore

Skirts, I love ’em.  Every time I wear one, I feel snazzier and more ladylike.  Pants, no matter how funky, seem too mundane to me.  Back at home I wore pants a lot for several reasons:

  1. Propriety:  Have you ever experienced your skirt hem fly up from the wind, giving the world a free peek of things you’d rather remain private?  I have.  And back home, I can’t wear tights for extra ogle protection because it’s just too hot and humid.
  2. Safety:  Commuting, for me, was one of the most stressful things about working back home because public transportation was terrible.  Most drivers are uncouth neanderthals.  You may still have one foot outside, but once the other steps inside the vehicle, ZOOOM!  The same rule applies when you’re getting off.  They also stop anywhere — even in the middle of a busy street with cars passing by.  And, unlike buses or trains here, commuters are packed like sardines during rush hour.  There’s a joke about this, actually: people stand too close to each other that, once the women get off the bus or train, they’re pregnant!
  3. Practicality: For me, pants are work clothes.  You can walk faster, bend over, run, jump, fall down the floor and you will have nothing to think about except the task at hand.

When I packed for moving here, I couldn’t bear to leave these skirts behind.  They all need a little tweaking in length or waist line.  Altering them means I’d have to confront my fear of the sewing machine.  It’s a great motivation.

These two are just lovely:

And these two I absolutely love because one is a beautiful Betsey Johnson and the other was sewn by my mom and I.

The best thing is, except for the plaid, all of these skirts were thrifted for less than a dollar!

Have a nice day, lovelies! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Skirts Galore

  1. cato says:

    i find it especially hard to wear skirts here when thinking of my practicum at New Era High School. jeering teenagers much? and when i have to be moving around a lot – walking, running, standing, and whatnot – i prefer it in the comfort of pants and a good pair of shoes that don’t hurt my feet. skirts are cool for making me feel a bit more girly but pants are for practicality. yeah. i agree to that. 🙂

    Pants = the active teacher’s wear. 😀

    I taught at that school. Do not wear a skirt. No, no, no.

  2. The wool one you and your mum made looks so cozy! And I love the beaded one, but I’m always so nervous to wear beaded clothing because I’m scared the beads will fall off…

    It is cozy and it would look great with tights. I bought that beaded one thinking it would make great material for a project but when I fit it, it looked so nice. Hopefully the beads won’t fall off and cause looney-tune tyoe accidents. 😀

  3. sara says:

    All of those are gorgeous skirts! I hope you wear them – they’re too pretty to keep in a closet (especially the one made by you and your mother).

    Thank you, Sara. I will wear them once I’ve altered them. I’m especially excited to wear the plaid one. I’m glad you liked it. 😀

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