Man Hands Melancholy and a Quickie Alteration

Today I woke up feeling melancholy. Maybe it’s the weather; the cold, especially.  I’ve never been this cold this long.  I feel like a package of ham living inside the fridge.  My body is so forking confused.  Why the hoot is it so cold yet blindingly sunny outside?  What the heck is that?  Where I came from, if it’s forking sunny then you can be darned sure it’s going to be hot.  You know what to wear and have your shades and bottled water at the ready.  Here, you bring your shades, and your coat, AND your hat, AND your gloves , AND your scarf — but you might not need them.  So bring a big bag.  Con-forking-fusing, I tell you.  Growl.

Ew. Reading what I just wrote, I realized I sounded a bit like that Palin woman with all her “hoot” and “heck” and whatever.  But, when it comes to writing, I can’t bring myself to be hardcore.  I’m out of practice.  I am still too much the high school music teacher of a traditional Catholic school.  At least I didn’t say “hopey-changey”.  I would have barfed into my laptop.  You hear that?  BARFED.


In an attempt to feel better, I thought I’d wear the frilly blouse I thrifted back home and walk around the house doing that booby shake thing Latin dancers do.  Surely that would lift my spirits as well as my bust line.  I’m not really into the frilly and the frou frou BUT I liked this one because it’s black and looked elegant despite the ruffles.

The frilly blouse also had frills at the end of its sleeves.  But, with the help of my trusty scissors, I took them off!  Err… in my excitement, I forgot to take a ‘before’ photo of the whole blouse.  But you get the picture.

I was careful not to cut into the seams, of course, to prevent fraying.  I’ll use the frill fabric for a future project.  I think the blouse now looks a hundred times better.

Black frilly long-sleeves:  thrifted back home
Brown asymmetrical wool skirt with lace edging:  thrifted back home
Brown tights: Hue, Macy’s, 3 for $18 rip off (joke)
Brown metal neck piece embedded with real flowers:  I got this from a bazaar back home.  It’s quite heavy!
Brown headband that stays in place whatever you do:  Goody, 2 for $1 at Big Lots

I really love these!  They’re lovely-deadly, but oh-so soft and comfy.

Brown pointy leather boots with stitching design:   Mango, thrifted back home for less than $5!!!

I smiled in my photos and I felt better for a while.  Then I went back to my cold workstation and stared at my mess for a few hours, feeling wholly frozen.  Boo-hoo.


7 thoughts on “Man Hands Melancholy and a Quickie Alteration

  1. livingeasyandme says:

    i really love your boots and your hosiery. 🙂 just lovely. I myself, always find excuses to wear boots and patterned stockings myself, even on summer in tropical Philippines. 🙂 they make one feel especially pretty noh?

    • Yes! Bronne will tell you I went tights and socks shopping crazy for a whole year and had lots of fun wearing the patterned and colored ones. Last winter I was kind of in a practical all-black mode. Kind of boring but I just wanted to get warm. I’ve always loved boots and it’s one of things in the pros section of my pros and cons list on whether I should marry and move to the US. hehehe.

      Malls back home can get very cold! That can give you an excuse to wear boots and tights. 🙂

  2. cato says:

    i dunno if my mom told you but we spent three weeks last summer in Europe (last summer meaning May, i mean). it was cold for me, the usual skinny girl. since we were all the time outside sightseeing or whatnot, i ALWAYS had to bring a big bag with my scarf, hat, and gloves. naging backpack lugger. hehe. 🙂 so yes, i get what you mean. i usually need the extra warmth in the early morning or when it gets dark because there’s no sun. when there’s sun, everything’s just right. unless there’s a stiff breeze.

    it was a lot worse when i went to the World Youth Day in July 2008 in Australia. July’s winter period for them so i often even had to lug around an extra jacket aside from the sweater i was already wearing. but that was just two weeks. i do not know what i’d do if i had to spend a whole winter in a snowy place. i bet my body will get used to it sooner or later but i expect to be feeling cold most of the time.

    but i don’t know what’s worse, being cold for so long or getting scorched in sweltering heat. it’s starting to get really hot now. like summer. it’s so early and it already feels like summer. as in INIIIIIT. feeling ko, if you left an egg on a rock during the hottest time of the day, maluluto yun itlog. that’s how hot it’s getting. :S

    I think your mom told me about your Europe trip. I’m jealous!!! Someday I want to go. Maybe to Bruges or Paris. Hehe

    I remember that egg-cooking kind of heat. I don’t envy you. With the humidity, too, making you feel all sticky-icky. And I definitely wouldn’t be able to wear my outfits back home because I always ended up soaking with sweat. I just wish we had ‘mall climate’, you know. Megamall used to make me feel very chilly but I think I’d settle for that here. 🙂

    • cato says:

      Paris is worth it. kahit expensive. there’s so much to see there! i don’t even think we saw half of everything there. i dunno about Belgium, never been there. 🙂 i want to travel some more and see more places! except no budget right now. and busy with things that don’t involve traveling around. haha! i’ve never been to the States though. but if i had a choice to choose between traveling to somewhere in the US and somewhere in Europe, i’d still pick Europe. haha!

      sometimes the humidity’s okay. it’s only really annoying when it’s downcast or rainy AND it’s very humid. sana nalang hindi umulan. haha! nowadays people here wear these really short shorts. i don’t have the guts to wear those things very often. besides, i find them uncomfortable at times.

      actually, now that i think of it, it’s so strange. when you’re outside, you need an umbrella for the sun and you feel like wearing all these light clothes to survive the heat. when you go into a mall naman, you need a jacket because it’s so chilly. isn’t there anything in between? haha! 🙂

      I agree. I always had to bring a jacket or little blanket to the mall especially when I’m seeing a movie. But I guess the airconditioning is one of the attractions of the mall. 😀

  3. Millie says:

    “n an attempt to feel better, I thought I’d wear the frilly blouse I thrifted back home and walk around the house doing that booby shake thing Latin dancers do.”
    is completely and totally awesome. And I’m keeping it in mind for the next time I’m feeling bleak.

    I’m not a big fan of ruffles myself (witness my grouching about my new gotch) but that blouse looks great on you! I’m imagining it with ruffles on the sleeves, and I think it looks much better without them (or at least the way I’m picturing it it does).

    As for the winter…. you have my sympathies. I’m Canadian, and thus used to cold winters, and I still grouch about them. Sage advice for the day: try a silk scarf. They’re light but great at blocking wind, they fold up small if you don’t need them, and are easily worn indoors. They’re toasty when you need them to be, but not cloying when you dont.

    Thanks, Millie! I didn’t know silk scarves were effective winter wear. I thought they’re for summer because they’re light. I’m so pleased! Sage advice indeed. 😀

  4. taty says:

    – i know that kind of cold! we spent Christmas in Virginia once. i seriously had dandruff because of the heater….so until when can you take not having one ( a heater? ) : )

    You got dandruff because of the heater? You mean your skin dried and it flaked? That’s happening more to B. than to me. Although what I’m getting is much worse: WRINKLES!!! 😦

  5. The lace detailing on the bottom of your skirt is so cute, and I think the shirt became much more wearable once you removed the sleeve flounces. I wish I could wear shirts like that, but I’ve got a bit too much boobage going on – the ruffles always get stretched out and look unappealing like sausage casings.

    Yup. I think they’re more flattering to people like me with less boobage. 🙂

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