Would You Like to See Wood?

No.  Not this guy:

Yesterday, B. and I dragged ourselves early out of bed to attend the Wood Solutions Fair, a day of lectures on all things woody.  Actually, they focused more on wood construction and design.  It’s more for architects like B. or engineers.  I am neither.  But the sign up form did offer “other” as choice of occupation.  Did it matter that, in my case, “other” meant artist/musician/teacher?  Well, if it did then I got away with it!  Bwahaha! Oh, and lunch was free and I get to go out and spend the morning with B. so those were pretty good incentives. Teehee!

Seriously now: B. is always discussing his classes with me.  We’re both teachers (at least, I was) and I can confidently contribute ideas when it comes to teaching methods.  But I also want to fully participate when he starts dropping those architectural terms.  I can read up on them, of course, but any opportunity to learn aurally and experientially, I will pounce on because I’m an auditory and tactile learner. Good thing I pounced on this one because now I know why acoustics in my college’s practice rooms and concert halls back home sucked something terrible.  (Imagine having a piano lesson while the trumpet blares in the room beside yours.  Ayayay!).

Then last night, after basking in the afterglow of thrift shopping, I did a Homer ‘Doh!’ and suddenly regretted not buying the other colors of yarn.  I thought I was being thrifty but it might be some time before I chance upon a $1.50-per-roll-of-yarn windfall like that.  B. agreed that I should have bought them and so after his class we went back to Big Lots to buy the other rolls…

…BUT THEY WERE ALL GONE!!!! Doh! Doh! Doh!

Yesterday’s outfit (what you can see, anyway, because I’ve piles of things underneath) was:

Black wool trench:   Oscar dela Renta, a gift from B., priceless!
Knitted dirty-grey bonnet:   Bought when I was in Korea
Black knitted turtleneck long-sleeves:  Warehouse, about $20 on sale but still a huge investment when I bought it back home
Grey knitted skirt:   H&M, thrifted back home
Black patterned tights:   a gift from my cousin Kate
Purple arglye socks:   Hue, 3 paris for $18 deal at Macys (this was before we discovered Ross and Marshall’s)
Black tall fitted boots:   thrifted back home
Lavander leather purse:   Kiyto, thrifted back home
The Purple Wrist Lei:   a Man Hands Lizzie awesome creation!!!

If you think I looked uncomfortable again it’s because I was.  B. took these pictures using his celphone camera when we dropped by his school.  It was cold and I felt anxious that people would see me and think I’m a trying-hard model who isn’t ‘all that’.  Behind my smile, I was actually muttering for B. to hurry the fork up.  If you didn’t notice anything it’s because I’ve had years of experience muttering hysterical phrases and smiling at the same time.

That’s all, folks.  See you, lovelies!

Have a joyfully creative and creatively joyful day everyone!
Man Hands Lizzie

5 thoughts on “Would You Like to See Wood?

  1. cato says:

    “I’ve had years of experience muttering hysterical phrases and smiling at the same time.”
    -> hahaha! i remember you did used to do that a lot! 🙂 it’s one of the things i remember best about you. hahaha! 🙂 kahit on stage at nagsasabi ng whatever, nakasmile pa rin. haha! 🙂

    Hahaha! I wasn’t aware anyone noticed! I imagine I did it a lot during first Friday mass and conducting onstage. What a treat to remember! 😀 Thanks, Cato!

    • cato says:

      eh kasi naman no one else can do it like you! haha! not even the mouth moving, all the speech happening inside the teeth! 🙂 the only thing that would give you off was your rolling eyes. hahaha! 🙂 or sometimes they’d widen. haha!

      Oh my! Looked like I was unaware I’d be observed so closely! Remember this when you start teaching! Hahaha

      • cato says:

        i’m sure if your teacher did something interesting that you know most people can’t do, you’d notice it too! 🙂 you were a very interesting teacher, ms c. 😉 still loved having you teach us. 🙂

        Cato, you’re making me tear up. Really. It was inspiring to teach you and your batch mates. I think of that year as the best in my teaching career. As creative and witty as you are, I think you’ll make an interesting teacher. And you can take on them high school students easy!

        • cato says:

          😀 thankxs ms c. 🙂 except i won’t know what kind of kids i’ll be teaching yet until after i graduate. which is in about a year from now. :O i’ve taken my elem practicum and am now doing my high school practicum and i don’t know what i like better! haha! let’s see what God throws at me when i graduate. 🙂

          Yup! Practicum may seem like hard work but the real thing is a whole year of that. I thought I’d be teaching elementary, too, because it has none of the teenage challenges that I didn’t want to deal with. But I found myself acting like Barney or a Sesame Street muppet when I tried my hand at teaching 4th graders. I was like a spark plug and it was so tiring. I missed discussions with curious teens and how I can be myself more. Although I still felt like a muppet sometimes when I taught you girls. I don’t know why…

          • cato says:

            i think sometimes that it’d be easier if i WAS teaching at a school rather than studying AND teaching at the same time. such a hassle to drive from the first to the next and back. 🙂 but i dunno what i will do when i have to teach whole year round. 🙂

            about being a muppet.. maybe that’s because we felt like muppets too when it was music period and it rubbed off on you. it was our de-stress period from all the studying so we really enjoyed it a lot AND made it enjoyable. 🙂 and well, i also always thought the glee club was always somewhat quirky. i liked it that way anyway 🙂

            I’ve always wanted to teach in Sesame Street. Thank you for being such wonderful muppets.

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