Snow Silly!

It’s snowing!!!

I was feeling absolutely silly today.  Here is the result:

(Open curtain)

(Close curtain)

Yes.  Not funny.  At all.  But I did say “silly”, not “funny”.  Heehee!  I got that eating the Purple Cascade thing from Summer S. who commented, “It looks so good I could eat it” about the Purple Wrist Lei.  It was just a spur-of-the-moment pose.

I wanted so much to frolic outside for more than a few seconds and take pictures but didn’t want to look stupid being by myself in the snow.  And because I had Joyful with me, I knew I’d appear, not only stupid, but quite sad.   Then, tadaaa!!!  B. came home because school was suspended.  So we went outside and had fun in the snow for approximately 3 minutes.  (Haha!)

So happy together! Teehee!

These were the only salvageable shots I took of B..  We couldn’t understand why most of the pictures of him were blurred and then I realized I wasn’t wearing my glasses when I took the shots.  (Doh!)  He helped me make that heart on the snow.  What a sweetie!

Today’s outfit was this:

I liked the contrast of the yellow silk scarf on all the purples, but then I realized that the Purple Cascade could complement the outfit better.    For my lonely venture out in the snow, I put on a hat and gloves that could magically turn into mittens.  But when B. came home unexpectedly, we headed for the snow so fast I forgot to put them back on and nearly froze my fingers off while we were outside.

Winter brings out the Barney in me, I swear…
Purple and violet argyle tights:  Marshall’s, $5!!!
Black ankle boots so comfy you can sleep with them on:  thrifted back home
Black dress with large cowl neckline:  bought back home on one of my insane shopping sprees with B.
Violet off-shoulder mesh shirt:  The Limited, thrifted back home
Blue knit gloves/mittens:  Roeckl, thrifted back home
The Purple Cascade: made with love by moi!

Speaking of the Purple Cascade, I’ll post the tutorial tomorrow along with a new project.  I promise!

Have a joyfully creative and creatively joyful day everyone!
Man Hands Lizzie

3 thoughts on “Snow Silly!

  1. Chelsie says:

    I really like the theatre piece, it made me smile!

    Aww.. thank you, Chelsie. My silliness bought joy to someone! Yipee!! 😀

  2. THE BEST TIGHTS EVER! Hands down – those are some fabulousness.

    P.S. You call that snow?!?! Hah! Try living in the mountains, then you’ll see some snow 😉

    Hahaha! I’d probably freeze up like a popsicle if I’m there. I come from a tropical country so this little snow storm is a shock to my sun-loving person.

    Yes! The tights are fab! But I had to wear another pair underneath because it was soooooo cold! hahaha!

  3. Duly impressed with that scarf you made…. and the heart in the snow is adorable as well.

    Thanks, Jentine! I’m happy you like it. It looks better in person and I wish I knew how to do it justice when I photograph it. Thanks so much for dropping by! And happy Valentine’s day to you! 🙂

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