Would You Wear This: Miu Miu shoes

Hello there!

Thrift stores back home are a thrifter’s dream.  If one’s patient enough to look through every piece of clothing hung along the racks, one could find really exciting treasures.  I have found secondhand designer clothes (Donna Karan, Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs, Yohji Yamamoto, etc.) in great condition.  Some are even new with a tag, perhaps overstock or samples.  There’s also a shoe section which I used to snub.  I just couldn’t imagine myself wearing shoes that’s been on another person’s feet.  One time, though, a friend of mine prodded me to venture into that section with her, and, boy, was I thrilled to find some great shoes that looked brand new, and even new ones!  Ever since that day I became a thrift store shoe hunter as well.  I had my standards, though.  Nothing smelly (but of course!) or ratty beyond repair, the soles should be only slightly scuffed, no creases that looked like folds on a bulldog’s face, and no strange stains. I searched for shoes with ‘personality’, ones that I won’t be able to buy at any department store.  The thrift stores definitely had those.

One pair I found was this Miu Miu shoe that greeted you earlier.  She seemed polite and kind of a square (her square-toe says it all).  She’s a bit into indoor sports like bowling, and will never ever be late for a game.

Aren’t I cute?

When I found her, I thought she was cute.  Until…

... I saw this!


She was polite-square-sp0rty-prompt at the front, and weird-unexpected-(and, yes) a little kinky at the back.  And I wanted her!  She was a steal BUT I stopped myself from buying her because I never buy anything I wouldn’t be able to wear or turn into something new.  Where would I wear her?  Besides, I looked online and, though I knew Miu Miu had a penchant for weird looking heels, I didn’t see any picture of this shoe anywhere.  I read from another blogger, though, that designers often make other versions of their runway look to make it more palatable and affordable for the average consumer.  I couldn’t tell if this shoe was one of them.

What do you think?

Each time I went back to the thrift store, I was half-hoping she’d still be there or that somebody had already bought her so I wouldn’t have to think about her.   I became  self-conscious of the amused stares of the thrift store owners as I examined her every time I was there.  I probably was the only one looking at the Miu Mius, let alone, touching them.

A few weeks went by and I was feeling a bit blerrrgh, and, therefore, weak enough to fall into the shopper’s panic pit (you know, when you feel you just have to buy something).  I saw that she was still there.  I thought…

  1. Well, she is made well so she couldn’t be a fake and is probably one of those affordable versions.
  2. And I could wear her on stage when I start performing again.  People kind of expect you to wear crazy things when you’re rocking the piano and singing.
  3. She intrigues me and I could stare at her and get inspired.

… you know, crappy reasons like that.  Hahaha!  So, less than 3 dollars later, here she is with me and I’m still asking the most important question I should have asked myself before I bought her:

Do I have the guts to wear her?  Would people’s stares (and they will stare) bother me or not?

I guess I have to wear her to find out.

Today, I have no outfit.  No, I’m not walking around naked.  Later today, B. and I will play badminton and I’m already wearing my gear.   It is not very interesting.  One pet peeve I have about sports wear is the logo.  I’m no sports brand whore but, from experience, I know they do tend to last longer.  And I don’t buy branded sportswear just because.  They have to pass my sight and touch scrutiny just as much as the other stuff I buy.

But just to let you in on how crazy I can be: I don’t feel great about mixing up the logos.  Like, if I’m wearing a Nike top, I’d feel really strange about wearing an Addidas bottom.  So strange that I’d almost feel itchy.  In my mind, they are constantly arguing.  Like:

“I’m better than you, Nike!”, says the Addidas striped pants in German.

“Well, I’m more stylish.  Stripes are sooooo last decade!”, retorts the green Nike top.

Wouldn’t that constant arguing make you feel itchy?

Anyways, since we’ve been on that subject, I will show you today’s shoes.

Light leather sneakers with glitzy laces and rhinestones at the sides.

And then later at the courts:

Get ready to run after the birdie, B.!

The birdie, for those of you who don’t know it, is the shuttlecock, the thing we use in lieu of a ball.  So, no.  I wasn’t being dirty.  Teehee! 😛

White leather sneakers:  some shoe line with a signature for a label, thrifted
Blue and white badminton shoes:  Mizuno

Have a joyfully creative and creatively joyful day everyone!
Man Hands Lizzie

3 thoughts on “Would You Wear This: Miu Miu shoes

  1. taty says:

    i wouldn’t wear it, but the sole is amazing — i think that’s basically what you pay (a lot) for…

    Yes! You know how some designers have begun to cut corners and sometimes the rubber of the soles wouldn’t be trimmed so well or you’d find the stitching to have some loose ends? For all this shoes’ weirdness, I’m happy to see that it’s really well made.

    You didn’t say why you wouldn’t wear it. 🙂 I wouldn’t have worn it back home, that’s for sure. I’m sure the heel would snap from all the potholes.

    Thanks, Taty, for dropping by! I really appreciate your comments. 🙂

  2. Millie says:

    Hah, I’d probably wear them. Plain black skirt, funky shirt, and those shoes? Yep, I’d wear them, and give the “what? you don’t wear shoes like this to school?!” look to anyone who looks askance.

    Boy, you girls are building my courage up. Now I can’t wait to wear it! Thanks , Millie! 😀

  3. You know, I might just wear those. There’s something about the profile that’s very turn of the last century to me (even though they’re actually probably turn of the past century). I bet they’d be a fun addition to a casual skirt and top combo – still keeping it low key, but with a little sass. They also remind me of a lot of the shoes that Sal at Already Pretty and Audi at Fashion for Nerds have highlighted.

    Heehee! You’re braver than me. I was thinking I could wear them with pants just to hide them a little. Maybe I will wear them with a short skirt, tights, and top — an all black outfit to really highlight the shoes.

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