The Purple Cascade is Done!

Finally, the Purple Cascade neck piece is done! (applause, applause)

BUT I can’t post the tutorial right now because it’s dark and dreary again this side of my world, and if I use a flash for the pics, that shade of purple turns out a blue.  (Booo!)  Really!  It’s true! (Rotten tomatoes flying onto the stage).

Besides, my room is a wretched MESS.  (Somewhere in Asia, my mom is reading this, and she’s chuckling and shaking her head at the same time).  I have a good reason for this mess, I swear!  The carpet guy had to remove the wet padding under my carpet and he had to pull the thing out.  So now most of my clothes, shoes, and bags are piled on the workstation.  I can’t put them back in until he comes back on Friday or Monday next week.

But it’s done! Done! Done!  Err.. I just need to add a couple of finishing touches and I can’t do it because my beads are under all my clothes.   But here is a sneak peek:

From this ... to this!

It’s made of rosettes and is hand sewn.  I added a few beads at the collar, but, because of the weather, I can’t get the right lighting for me to be able to take a shot of it.  The piece is soft but it keeps its form even when you move.  And best of all: it can be worn in 3 ways.   Hooray for versatility!  I’ll get B. to take pics of me wearing it when the weather’s better.  Promise!

Today’s outfit:

Green long sleeves mesh: thrifted
Black dress with puffy sleeves: thrifted
Black sleeveless mesh with ruffled edge: thrifted
Purple tights
Purple boots: thrifted
Weird hair-do: priceless

Ok, have to fix my room. 😦

Have a joyfully creative and creatively joyful day everyone!
Man Hands Lizzie

6 thoughts on “The Purple Cascade is Done!

  1. likethesocks says:

    HOLY Frickin WOW Batman! I just found the tutorial and it rocked my socks… but seeing it with the crushed velvet! ZOWIE! there are SO MANY of those early 90’s crushed velvet items in the thrift stores, now I know how to make trash into SUPER treasure. Absolutely amazing dear! BRAVA!

    I feel honored to have rocked your socks. 🙂 There’s so much velvet out there that it’s a shame to just let them go to the landfills. I hope this inspires you to make your own. 🙂 Thanks, likethesocks.

  2. cuz says:

    I didn’t know you’re into fashion until now. The purple cascade is chic considering where it came from..please please show a picture of you wearing it….

    you look like you came straight from a korean soap opera with your look..not that it’s a bad thing. Only a few people your age are able to carry that look.

    I’m very into the things I wear but it was hard to dress the way I wanted when I was teaching and studying because I had to commute. And you know how terrible that is.

    Korean soap opera? Hahaha! Oh, Merri. You slay me! 😀

    Thanks for popping in, dearie, and for the comment. ‘People my age’ really appreciate comments. 😛

    • cuz says:

      east asian soap operas=guilty pleasure har har har XD…now if only I could find a picture from one which resembles your outfit. :))

      it’s always nice to see a 30 something year old kid down the road 😉

      Thanks for outing my age, dearie. Hahaha! Yes, do please look for a pic and I’ll post it here. You can be my guest blogger! I never would have thought you were into Korean soaps. There’s a romantic hiding inside that quirky-geeky girl I know. 😀

  3. Zarina says:

    Wow… I’m so impressed. I wish you were here to advise me on my outfit for my class tomorrow! We’re supposed to wear a color palette. Really.

    Thank you for the kind words, Zarina! I’m not a natural in choosing colors, though. It takes practice and a lot of misses before I get the right combination. I wish I could help you, but I’m sure, bright and vibrant lady that you are, you will do just fine! 😀 Good luck and thanks for dropping by!

  4. Katie says:

    A tutorial is definitely in order. I need to know how to make those rosettes!

    Yes! Will post it as soon as I can take the pics. 🙂 Thanks, Katie!

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