MHL Tutorial: Make a Simple Bead-Woven Necklace

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Some friends have emailed me saying that they liked the Audrey Collar and the tutorial, but found it really daunting.  I get ya, people, BUT we can baby-step our way to more complicated tasks, right?  So, for all of you, I’m posting a step-by-step how-to pictorial of a simplified version of the collar.  It is this:

This is a pic I took of the first tier of the Audrey Collar.  I think it’s lovely even without the rest of the other tiers, don’t you think?   You can add a favorite pendant or jewel at the center to make it more special.  The great thing about it is that it’s easier to do!  Let’s begin.

You Will Need:

Important Points to Remember:

  1. If your string is made of woven nylon or some other synthetic fiber, check for fraying.  If it frays, burn the ends using flame.
  2. Decide on the length of your necklace.  Measure your string according to that and then double it twice.  Example: you want 12 inches.  Double that = 24.  Then double it again = 48 inches.
  3. You will put each end of your string through a needle — that’s why you need 2.

For extra details, see “What You Need” of MHL Tutorial: The Audrey Collar.


Thread through 4 beads from any end of your string.


The 4th bead is shared by both ends of the string. Always. That means after threading bead 4 through one needle, the other needle goes through that bead from the opposite direction.  In other words, they crisscross through bead 4.


Bead through beads 1 and 3. Notice the red bead, 4, is now bead 2.

Again, bead 4 is shared by both ends of the string.


Continue weaving…

… And pretty soon, it will look like this:

Yipee!  Now just add a clasp at the end and you have your necklace. :)

Now, on a different note: there is no outfit-of-the-day.  Instead, I will rant for today.

I woke up and found the carpet going into my closet is soggy wet.  Apparently, a loose  bolt (or whatever you call that bolt-looking thingie) under the sink in my bathroom, which is next door to the closet, has been dripping all night, and the carpet from there to the closet got wet.  Luckily, my clothes and shoes were dry but it’s still irritating because I have to move my shelves to make space for the carpet guys who are coming to clean this thing up.  Arghhhhh!!! I can’t work on my Purple Cascade neck piece with them walking all over my workroom.  Grrrrrr and Ngrrrrr!!!

Ok, breathe… At least my clothes and shoes were dry.

Have a joyfully creative and creatively joyful day everyone!
Man Hands Lizzie
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