MHL Project Preview: The Purple Cascade Neck Piece

I was organizing my closet yesterday.  If you’ve been reading my posts you’d know that I’ve been “organizing my closet” since I got here… which was months ago.  I can almost hear my mom laughing as she reads this. Haha.  Err… anyways, I was organizing and found this old Marks and Spencer velvet button down shirt I thrifted a couple of years back.  I loved the sheen of the purple and thought it would make a great material for some project in the future.  But when I got home, I tried it on and, wow, it felt sooo nice on my skin.  I mean, it’s velvet, and velvet+tropical climate = a puddle of sweat at my feet.  But, no.  It felt cool and oh so sensually comfy.  So it became my favorite thing to wear to bed and snoozing in it was heavenly.  Then one evening, too lazy to get up, I reached for a book. Riiippp!

That was the end of the purple velvet dreams.

Funny how I forgot to pack some important things but somehow included this ripped garment in my  shipment.  And because I don’t want it to have traveled thousands of miles in vain, I’m planning to make it into a … tadaaa! — neck piece.

Unfortunately, except for the collar, the rest of the material easily frays, and, unless I use a serger (which I don’t have), is pretty much useless for my idea.  So I cut the collar off, taking care not to snip off any part of it.

rip, rip.. ---> snip, snip...

Here’s what it looks like on Colette:

Isn’t it loverly?  I just folded it and put it on upside down with the thick collar part tucked in.  Now to decide on what beads to use. I am shivering with excitement!

Or much possibly, the cold.  Look how dreary today is:

It was actually darker without the camera flash.

The gray day made it difficult for me to photograph myself.  But here’s today’s outfit:

Red to battle the dreary-gray day…

... and sparkles to blingify my peepers.

I rarely wear red, but when I do, I always have to frame it in black.  Black is my safety color.  I wanted to put on red lipstick but I always look whorish.  So sparkly eyes, albeit modest, will have to do.  The outfit looks blah-ish  in the pic but it’s actually a play on textures.  If I were going out, I’d accessorize it with these:

I love the effect of the lacy black blouse underneath the red mesh.  And I adore those gloves.  Everything, except for the cloche B. bought me, was thrifted by me.  The best find of all was this vintage black Coach bag.  It was in a box full of icky old bags that you have to dig through.  The moment I touched it, my reliable man hands knew it was something special even before I pulled it out.  The minute catch is that it’s missing it’s detachable long shoulder sling (is that what it’s called?)  But, like I said, that is the minutest of catches.  Guess how much this fabulous find cost me?



Anyways, I will post the tutorial of the Purple Cascade neck piece soon.  If this inspires you to make your own, I’ll be ever so happy. Happier, too, if you tell me all about it.  Good luck!

Have a joyfully creative and creatively joyful day everyone!
Man Hands Lizzie

2 thoughts on “MHL Project Preview: The Purple Cascade Neck Piece

  1. tita baby says:

    you and raven are almost in the same path, although she is much younger than you, also very creative, left handed, likes to write in her journal, makes her own songs, poems, etc., sportsminded, likes to dance, right now she’s one of the safety patrols in her school, i was crossing the pedestrian one time she was on duty, i talked to her and she told me not to talk to her bec. she was working…..

    What a serious cutie. Hahaha! She sounds just like me when I was little. I was lucky my parents were so patient! Thanks for sharing. 😀

  2. tita baby says:

    my favorite color is red, i wear it everyday bec. i work @target, my 2nd color is blue/royal or baby blue, your creativity is your personality… pls do not stop… God bless!

    Target red is very vibrant. The first time I went there my eyes had to get used to the cheerful warmth of the place. Haha! Thanks for dropping by. I am very touched. 😀

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