A Hat is an Attitude

I love hats.  Always have.

I grew up in a tropical country.  That could conjure the image of a sea of heads adorned with lovely light hats, keeping its human perches cool and comfortable in the heat.  But the tropical climate is also quite horribly humid.  A hat could leave one’s head a sopping mess in a matter of minutes.

Back in the day, the men of my country wore hats.  Whether in a cockfight or getting home from church, they looked snazzy because of their toppers.

Maybe the air was different back then.  Cooler.  Untainted by pollution and global warming.  The hats protected their heads during the day.  They used it to fan themselves, to feel cooling air against their skin.  Somehow the use of hats just went out of style.  Men of my generation don’t wear hats anymore.  For a couple of years during college, they allowed themselves to wear sports caps.  Way before cable TV, their heads rooted for the NY Yankees or the Chicago Bulls even if they never watched a second of American ballgames.  It amused me that they had to justify wearing a hat by pretending it’s all about sports.  And then, just like that, it stopped being trendy again.  Before I left and came to live here, I saw a few young men braving the malls wearing fedoras a la Jason Mraz or Justin Timberlake. But people stared at them like they were crazy, a bunch of posers, or gay.

A hat is an attitude.  Only the brave can wear a hat and not be apologetic.  I was happy to see those fedora-topped boys at the mall but could sense the discomfort they felt from not being quite convinced with their look.  Their eyes avoided the gaping mall passersby and tried to walk away feigning nonchalance.  It’s a little heartbreaking to see a person embarrassed of what he’s wearing.

I’m glad for the cold weather here if only to be able to wear my hats.  A whole lot of them I thrifted back home.  I got them for a steal (most not even a dollar) because nobody buys them.  When I bought them, the vendors deduced right away I was going to someplace cold because only a crazy person would buy knitted hats in the height of summer.   Then when I got here, B bought me a couple more because I couldn’t stop drooling over them.  Ain’t he sweet?

My hats perched happily on a twiggy tree.

I’ve crocheted a couple of hats.  Bonnets that I was really quite proud of.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pack them along with my other things which I truly regret.  But one of these days, I’m going to make myself a new hat.   That would be another MHL Tutorial in-the-making.

Have a joyfully creative and creatively joyful day everyone!
Man Hands Lizzie

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