My Workstation

I will try to be as brief as possible since I need to go back to tidying up our place.  I’ve been doing it for a couple of days.  Isn’t it amazing how much stuff one accumulates despite seeming to need more?  One of the tasks I was able to finish is … tadada!!! — my workstation!

I like calling it workstation.  It sounds so sci-fi; like the moment you sit there, the workstation will transport you to another planet where beads and strings abound and you can make as much of anything as you like because time is slower in space.

That's Collete, the dress form. It was a belated birthday gift from B..

We took some time pondering about what to use for tables, but eventually B. and I decided to buy the heavy-duty 6- and 4-foot plastic ones we found at Sam’s.  Then, instead of buying shelves and containers for my materials, I decided to help the environment out by reusing some boxes and containers that could have easily found their way into landfills.  Brownie points for you, scout, if you recognize the products that once inhabited these upcycled workstation storage.

A mini-shelf made from boxes that once contained things we bought...

... or got from that happyland called Sam's.

A brick ruler or pen holder and a sungka, a toy from the Philippines that I had forgotten how to play. It's the perfect bead holder.

Who needs a head mannequin when this Everlast boxing stand is perfect for fitting hats? Just add lips!

Notice the dearth of pretty work gloves? Get a Sharpie and draw a pretty ribbon on the ones you got.

It’s back to work for me!


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