MHL Project Preview: The Audrey Collar

I am currently working on a necklace.  My inspiration is the colorful Audrey of homerunballerina.  More about that when I post the tutorial later, but, for now, I can tell you that I used a bead weaving technique which is really quite easy.

I’m posting a couple of photos of the prototype.

This is half done. I only finished one side of the collar so I can see how I feel about it first.

I’m not entirely happy with this.  It feels a little heavy.  But that’s the beauty of working on a prototype first.  Notice the needles and the loosely-tied strings?  As much as my fingers itch to tie those knots and cut those string off permanently, I have to walk away from it and do something else, then stand back and try to see how I really feel about it now that my hands have been given a rest.

At least now I know what to do next and I’m liking the idea.

Watch out for the tutorial!


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