More on Leno: Kimmel, O’Donnell, Letterman… Oh My!

I never liked Jimmy Kimmel.  I think The Man Show ruined him for me.  A second of seeing him and that other guy nursing a bottle of beer and leering at the girls in skimpy nurse and chambermaid costumes was enough to remind me how NOT FUNNY it really is to be a woman walking along a street alone and be leered at by a bunch of drunks.

B., which I shall now call him after he read my blog and said, “hubster?” with the subtext of “what the hell-ooo are you thinking?”, and I watched Jimmy Kimmel Live on Hulu after we saw a clip of him in a Leno wig and prosthetic chin.  We knew there was something deliciously mean a-brewing and we just can’t a-miss it.  The show itself was dull.  DULL.  And B. and I wondered if Jimmy was really the dullest talk show host ever or simply imitating Leno to the fullest.  The monologue was delivered the way a Chinese take-out person would deliver food at your door step (Just hand me the money, you.  No time for chitchat, me in a hurry!) and Kimmel’s band joined in the fun by playing Kevin Eubanks musical punchline after every joke.  It was irritating and uninspired.  A lot like Leno’s show.  We enjoyed the jabs but didn’t find the sparring too amusing.

Then Kimmel went on Leno’s blah portion called Ten at Ten.  AND this was a couple of days after he parodied Leno on his show. Whoa, watch.

I can be mean.  And I enjoy witty pokes and slaps at people who, in my opinion, deserve them.  So when Kimmel was asked to recount the best prank he ever played, his reply that he told a guy five years ago that he’d give him his show, and “then I took it back” made me hoot, “Oh snap!”  It was an unexpected jab-straight that sent Leno reeling into the corner.  At least that’s how I yummily envisioned it in my mind.  It’s funny and it smarts.  Kimmel, take a bow.

But things stop being funny when someone keeps hitting the other guy long after he’s down, and knowing that that guy has to face the audience for another half-hour and fake-smile through missing teeth and a bloody face.  When Kimmel kept the acid-dripping remarks a-coming, it felt like he was really out to get Leno and kick him in the balls.  Always digging for subtext, I wondered if Kimmel was not only doing this to publicly take a stand against NBC’s unfair goings-on, but really to humiliate Leno because he had a huge grudge to bear.  Wouldn’t that be something?  Oh, showbiz… so intriguing.  (Eye-roll…)

Speaking of grudges, Rosie O’Donnell joined in the fun by revealing via her blog that Jay refused to let her host The Tonight Show on Fridays the way Joan Rivers did for Johnny Carson even though she was formally asked by an NBC exec to do it.  This was long before she had her own show and really could have needed the break.

And still, there’s Letterman.

I think that about sums it up for ol’ Dave.

Yes, I am currently enthralled with all this hullabaloo so much that I am forking blogging about it.  Jeez.  I am ashamed to admit that I savor intrigue the way I would the wafting heady aroma of B.’s cooking from the kitchen.  I love spars of wit and I follow them the way heads turn during a tennis match.  But I detest unintelligent rants and nonsensical quips delivered in smugness and cheekiness (Palin, et al).  Oh, deliver me from stupidity and I’ll be content.  Fortunately, a lot of wit and humor can be gleaned from This NBC kerfuffle.  So rage on, battle, and entertain me.


One thought on “More on Leno: Kimmel, O’Donnell, Letterman… Oh My!

  1. Bronne Dytoc says:

    alas conan has moved on

    we can only but await his next coming

    will la bamba still entertain us with his moustache?

    will smigel come up with another comic dog?

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